Importance of Vulnerability Management tools for startups

vulnerability management

From the very beginning of their development, organizations should address some efforts to striving in vulnerability management and enterprise security to empower the idea of creating something important and unique with ambitious goals. However, most companies and teams forget to protect their digital assets at this point since they underestimate the real value of security.


Even if the task of safeguarding information may seem irrelevant or exhausting when there are so many things to do, it is very important to remember that cyber security is a moving target nowadays for those who compete for success and count on a backup of digital assets.

Vulnerability Management on time

Experts agree that startups are incredibly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, mostly in their first months. According to them when a business gets confident for being too small to matter to a cybercriminal, it is falling in a great risk thanks to a false sense of security.

vulnerability managementImplementing robust security practices is much easier to do when a business is at its early stages, while they still seize the advantages of a minor attack surface and a manageable amount of devices to track. A key element in this topic is that startups may flourish into bigger companies in a blink of an eye and success would be higher if the organization already counts with a strong security control.


Renowned IT administrators and IT managers recognize that it is never too soon to care about digital security and start looking for options to improve your vulnerability management. As a matter of fact, companies like Facebook and Google acknowledged the importance of protecting their assets since their first steps and thanks to this; they are now two of the strongest titans when it comes to cyber security.


Vulnerability Management tools

Once your startup business consolidates in the industry there’s no turning back, so the best advice to take is finding the most suitable option to provide protection and help to correct vulnerabilities of your company.

vulnerability management

Some startups scale dramatically to greater companies which makes them a vulnerable target for different types of cyber-attacks due to the combination of poor infrastructure with a lack of security expertise. For this reason, the best way of protecting your assets and mitigating risks is counting on vulnerability management tools that prevent breaches with monitoring, scanning and reporting functions to keep your team alert.


Tools like Nessus, from Tenable Network Security, represent a great option in Vulnerability Management. For years, it has been acknowledged as the industry-leading tool for precision vulnerability scanning and compliance not only for small and bigger companies but also for NGO’s and social charity institutions which can benefit from it. Nessus robust platform focuses on continuous scanning to identify and alert for a vast number of vulnerabilities to help you prevent cyber-attacks on your valuable asset. Besides, its compatibility with most platforms allows an optimal functioning for most enterprises and diverse environments.


When you grow as a business it is possible to improve your skills to develop context and wisely respond to vulnerabilities based on actionable data, your general level of “vulnerability intelligence” increases, enabling you to make the most accurate security decisions. Also, it will allow your company and team to continuously adapt the vulnerability management approach to reduce overall risk when new threats appear.

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