8 Odd Facts About Ransomware Attacks – and your options to avoid them3 min read

Among the modalities of cyber crime, ransomware attacks are probably the most lucrative. It’s easy to understand why: Hijacking sensitive data from companies around the world means that their owners may prefer to take the shortcut: Paying for the rescue. And this premise is another vulnerability that hackers exploit to create new ways to hit the world with ingenious ransomware attacks.

Over time, ransomware attacks have evolved to reach new spheres. However, there are some recurring patterns that constitute a sort of odd facts found in most known ransomware attacks. Let’s see 8 of them:

ransomware attacks

Now, what options do you have to protect your sensitive data from ransomware attacks; and prevent hackers from reaching them out? A good measure to take is combining software, systems and complete digital security platforms that respond and adapt to your needs. We present you the best options in the market:

SIEM, Event Management, and Information Security

On the one hand, you count on SIEMs (Security Information & Event Management), which are active/passive scanners dedicated to monitoring and suspicious activity in your networks.

In this sense, we present you AlienVault and LogRhythm. Both include forensic analysis and log/event management; same as other important activities that do not interfere with the normal development of your operations to exploit all kinds of threats and attacks on your networks.

Each of them also gives Cloud-based platforms that deliver real time protection; are easy to install and adapt to the size of your company.


Vulnerability Management

On the other hand, there are tools that follow the cycle of vulnerability from detection to fully recover your systems.

The Security Event Management meets the need to trace and follow a plan to continue with normal operations before, during and after Zero Day attacks; whether for tackling or correcting them until achieve total recovering; and strengthen cutting-edge tools that ensure compliance standards designed to meet the highest digital security standards.

In this sense, you count on CV Nessus Security Center and their related solutions, with its full and light products (formerly Nessus Cloud); Nessus Manager and Nessus Professional; all designed to audit, explore, give resource sharing and PCI analysis.


Enterprise Security Software

Finally, there are softwares that help you to detect and expel attacks attempts on your sensitive data at the very moment they occur. In this line, you find Trend Micro, a Cloud-based digital security platform that combines monitoring activities, firewalls, log analysis, web reputation, intrusion prevention and anti-malware.

Also, you found PhishMe, an Anti-Phishing Automation and Orchestration Platform for Enterprise Security that focuses on strengthening the defense and human response against targeted attacks in real time.


What does the future hold regarding ransomware attacks?

Given the rapid increase of targeted ransomware attacks, the trend is that they will continue to evolve towards more sophisticated forms in the near future. We foresee that instead of 8, they will be even many more odd facts on ransomware attacks we will talk about in short.

So, what we must do is moving forward even faster than the trend to protect our sensitive data. Take advantage of the options we offer here for you and avoid being another number among the surprised by ransomware attacks.

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