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CybersecurityAs a business owner in the world of cybersecurity, you have a difficult task. You must know what strategies apply to protect your company’s digital assets. However, you should understand that there are negative factors, strategies, and positions to take. Besides, knowing these negative positions is as important as knowing the good ones. Being aware of this will help you know what to avoid to keep your company safe. 

Today, we focus on exposing all the obstacles you face as SMEs, specifically related to cybersecurity. We will also explain what your approach should be to make your IT environment the most efficient on the market.

“It’s not necessary for me to know about cybersecurity if I hire an expert”

Today, we focus on exposing all the obstacles you face as SMEs, specifically related to cybersecurity. We will also explain what your approach should be to make your IT environment the most efficient on the market.

As with physical security, even if you have the best alarm, it only takes one mistake for all effort to be useless. For companies working with only one professional, this happens sooner rather than later.

Besides, in these cases, the blame falls over the cybersecurity expert. In turn, this leads to firing him to solve the failure. Yet this only generates a loss in time and money, resentment, and not solving the underlying problem.

Solution: Teach your team, and learn yourself

If you want your business to thrive, everyone in the company must know about security. But, we don’t talk about one or two training or informational emails. It’s about making sure everyone cares, all the time.

For your employees to care about cybersecurity, your managers must do it first. Instead of having expectations, your managers should lead by example. They should make sure their employees perceive risk as important.

Don’t think this is difficult. It is enough that each decision considers cybersecurity; that every important discussion involves the issue of security. Also, keep your team up to date on the most important trends.

“Outsourcing a Cybersecurity  team makes us more protected”

Although similar to the first issue, this one has different repercussions. There is no guarantee that outsourcing will generate better results than implementing your own security. In fact, some studies show that an internal security posture is more efficient. After all, no one knows your company better than you.

This is not to say that contractors are not a viable option. A professional security contractor is an easy way out if your organization isn’t as resourceful. Contractors can help you pick a cybersecurity framework and design a sound strategy. They can even help you with risk intelligence and management and incident response.

However, they cannot be everywhere. And often, their response time will be less favorable than your own on-site.

Solution: Prepare a Plan B within the company

SoftwareIf the decision to outsource your security is final, we recommend making sure that all your employees know it. This way, they will understand the security impact of all their actions. For instance: Outsourcing a security team won’t prevent your devs from introducing SQL injection vulnerabilities by accident.



There are places that your subcontractor won’t have access, due to security and confidentiality issues. And these are the places where you must focus your internal security.

“We bought an integral cybersecurity solution, so we are safe”

No software can guarantee the total security of any company. Also, no security tool covers all possible cyber threats.

Let’s say you get a solution that protects you from malware; or a firewall to protect your external and internal network. Your company will continue to be vulnerable to system attacks or data loss due to SQL Injection. This is because none of these tools protect you against such vulnerabilities.

Every tool you bring to your company will increase its security. But believing that you will have an invulnerable company is impossible.

Solution: Build your criteria on each Cybersecurity tool

Don’t be afraid to search for specific solutions to specific cybersecurity threats. If you’re having trouble with web-related threats, get a specialized web vulnerability scanner.

Find security providers who tell you the facts and what their tools do. Work with specialized providers, as they have the means to attack certain threats more efficiently.

Today, SMEs rely on cloud solutions and web technologies. Thus, cybersecurity controls should focus on cloud security; and the protection of digital business assets.

The time when antivirus and a network scanner were the only things necessary for your security is over. While anti-malware solutions remain key, protecting the web is at least as important. And only web vulnerability scanners can do it.

Remember: software is a tool and what matters is how you use that tool.

The best course of action is critical thinking

acutenixOnce your organization gets rid of the aforementioned thoughts, it will be easier for you to maintain cybersecurity. Think of security as a problem for your entire company; your employees will have a broader range of learning.

The most important thing is not to be afraid to apply the appropriate automated solutions.


For web vulnerability assessment and management software, we recommend taking a look at Acunetix.

Acunetix is a solid tool focused on vulnerabilities. It is not a magic solution; It is a scanner engine that will allow you to better position your company in its cybersecurity aspect.

If you want to know more about this tool, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you with everything you need to improve your IT environment.

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