Bomgar Vs DameWare: Which remote IT manager works best for your business?


Bomgar Vs DameWareRemote IT management tools have become indispensable in facilitating processes in and out of the corporate environment. If you have discovered the advantages of this kind of software but don’t yet know which one may suit your business better; we recommend you to take a look at this comparative analysis of two market leaders, Bomgar vs DameWare.



First things first What should I look for in a remote connection tool?

Remote connectivity solutions have changed the way organizations handle incidents and demands from both their internal and external customers. Thanks to this type of tool, support services have evolved in such a way that it is no longer necessary to have the physical presence of a technician to receive quality support.

Remote connectivity solutions have revolutionized the user support process, enabling companies to even overcome geographic and physical barriers to provide customers with end-to-end support with full availability. As a result, more and more organizations have decided to use this type of tool to improve their service delivery. However, when trying to select the one that best suits their needs, some companies face the challenge of having to choose from too many options.

What should you take into account when choosing your remote connection tool?

In order to facilitate the selection process of your remote access solution, it is best to consider the following criteria:


Bomgar Vs DameWareBefore choosing your tool, the ideal is that you define well the objectives that you want to achieve through it. Based on this, you will be able to determine which are the indispensable characteristics that the remote access software should integrate. Remember that the solution you choose must offer you a great multifunctionality in relation to your objectives; otherwise, you will be obliged to acquire another application to completely fill your needs.


Simplicity of use

Make sure that the tool you purchase has a friendly interface and complete documentation. Otherwise, you could risk wasting too much time training your team to get the most out of the solution.


The vendor of your software solution must ensure a high level of commitment to its customers. This should translate into quality support in the pre- and post-sales period.


The remote connection can often involve access to sensitive customer data. That’s why the tool you use must ensure complete protection of all the information you exchange on each access.

Bomgar vs DameWare: Which works best when it comes to providing remote assistance services?

There are many options in the market for remote access solutions. However, there are few that enjoy the preference of users such as Bomgar and DameWare do.


Bomgar Vs DameWareBomgar is a remote access solution aimed at improving the productivity and security of customer support service. Its main objective is to satisfy the productive needs of organizations by offering controlled connections to any system regardless of the geographical location of the device. Thanks to its high-efficiency performance, Bomgar is used in 80 countries by thousands of companies.



DameWare, on the other hand, is a remote access software designed primarily for network administrators and support services for quick and easy implementation without external dependencies. This tool is also used by multiple companies around the world, making it one of the preferred by users.

Let’s see which one stands out best in this comparison:

Multiplatform software

DameWare is a solution that allows remote connection on various platforms including Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2.

The Bomgar system allows access to a wider range of operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, iPads, iPhones, and Android. What in this aspect makes it the winner of the battle Bomgar VS DameWare.


Collaboration is an essential part of customer service, enabling faster resolution of user problems by assigning tickets to the right professional in the organization. In the case of Bomgar, this tool has a function that allows you to request help from other support members to speed up the First Call Resolution process. In addition, unlike DameWare Remote Support, Bomgar allows helpdesks to implement routing rules based on skills to ensure end users are directed from the beginning to the most qualified representatives. This gives Bomgar an undoubted advantage over its competitor. Operative system.


Bomgar support allows integrations with at least a dozen leading ITSM and CRM solutions.  DameWare is more limited in this sense; as it offers only one integration with ITSM products supplied by DameWare’s parent company, SolarWinds.



Bomgar Vs DameWare


DameWare documentation is described by users as complex, which makes it difficult to understand in some cases. Bomgar, on the other hand, has a documentation that is a little more complete and easier to understand. So its learning curve has to be more convenient for users.



Protection of information

In this category, we can say that both solutions have striven to offer their users secure connections. Bomgar, for example, offers its customers some functionalities aimed at ensuring the protection of information such as:

  • Video recordings that allow confirming that the members of the support are following the correct procedures.
  • The possibility of assigning permissions to the representatives depending on the level or equipment.
  • One-click login without revealing passwords through Bomgar Vault.

Still, don’t know which one to choose? Contact our expert team for high-level software solutions.  At Gb Advisors, we are always available to help you answer all your questions regarding ITSM and ITSEc tools.

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