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Herramientas Anti-Phishing

Herramientas Anti-PhishingNowadays, there still are some misconceptions surrounding anti-phishing tools. Some people confuse them with anti-viruses and many of them even think that anti-viruses are more than enough to tackle phishing attacks.

However, recent phishing attacks confirm that cyber criminals know very well the advantages that emails represent for them: Only 3 out of 30 phishing messages are actually reported to IT departments. This fact, of course, represents a golden opportunity they can’t help taking.

Then, to virtually stop phishing attacks we specifically need anti-phishing tools because they help you to train your staff in identifying; avoiding and reporting phishing attacks. Like this, you can reduce phishing attacks waiting to get into your emails and networks.

This is how we analyze pros & cons of two of the most popular anti-phishing tools in the market, PhishMe vs Wombat, to prepare your employees in recognizing and expelling phishing attacks out from your corporate email accounts.



On the one hand, we have this cutting-edge solution centered on phishing simulation. Preferred by more than 800 customers worldwide, has proven its efficiency to involve employees in the early detection to properly report phishing threats.

To date, PhishMe has been awarded all these awards:

  • Entrepreneur Of The Year (2017)
  • SC Europe Awards (2017)
  • SC Awards (2016)
  • Information Security Products (2016)
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year (2016)
  • Deloitte Technology (2015)
  • CDM Infosec Awards (2016)
  • 2015 Inc. 500/5000 Awards
  • Tech Trailblazers (2015)
  • Cybersecurity Excellence (2016)
  • 2015 Best in Biz Awards – NA

Also, PhishMe put at your fingertips:

    • Phishing incident response platform to boost the correct response against phishing threats.
    • Threat intelligence service to help you keep updated on verified threats.
    • Affordable prices, especially for SMEs.
    • Training modules as interactive PDF files or SCORM-compliant files.
    • Phishing Attack Simulator.
    • Easy reporting.


Although short, these advantages combined with appropriate training; knowledge; and the correct response regarding IT Department to guarantee the correct security response. So, with all these elements, your employees will become in the most powerful defense line to expel out phishing attacks.



On the other hand, we find Wombat. Focused pretty much on the same features and goals as Phishme, this alternative tool has also shown great capability. In few words, Wombat brings:


  • Learning Science Principles. Addressed to change the employee’s behavior in face of phishing threats
  • Automating Attacks and Training. Similar to the PhishMe’s simulator, this module is addressed to help training the employee to detect and avoid phishing attacks.
  • One stop shop. Wombat unifies knowledge assessment; training in phishing recognition and integrates them in a single platform to simplify your IT Department’s labor.


Additionally, Wombat Security Technology has won the following awards and recognitions:


  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Award Finalist
  • 2014 Global Excellence Award Gold Winner
  • New Product Category Bronze Winner
  • Product and Service Excellence Finalist
  • Annual 2014 Info Security Products Guide’s Global Excellence Awards, including Product and Service Excellence for CyberStrength® and Tomorrow’s Technology Today – Security Training Platform
  • CEO of the Year Award Winner in the Annual 2013 CEO World Awards.
  • 2013 Network Products Guide “Hot Company” Winner

So, Wombat also relies on education to create a solid barrier against phishing threats to dramatically reduce their impact on the companies.


Anti-phishing tools: PhishMe vs Wombat

According to the Gartner’s review, PhishMe and Wombat are really close regarding:

  • Product Capability
  • Customer Experience
  • Service Support

Same, PhishMe has proven advantages over Wombat regarding:

  • Demographics (Industry)
  • Prices by company’s size
  • Reviewer’s considerations (other vendors)
  • Overall Peer Rating

No wonder why regarding the concept Willingness to recommend, PhishMe counts on a solid 93% of positive answers (184 Reviewers); while Wombat reaches a very respectable 88% (50 Reviewers). In face of these results; do you need more signs or pieces of evidence to choose your anti-phishing tool?


By way of conclusion

In the practice, both tools were tested and measured in control groups at different times in different companies. Although similar, results suggest that employees using PhishMe were capable to recognize and raise the alarms faster.  

Same, it’s vital to take into account that phishing attacks become more sophisticated as cyber criminals discover and exploit new security breaches.  Don’t be caught off-guard. Be smarter. Choose PhishMe and use it as a shield to protect your assets against cyber attacks.


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