Top advantages of using Bomgar for your Enterprise Secure remote access

As time goes by, it’s more evident why we need to adopt some kind of remote access software on our devices. Whether to give or receive assistance or supervision, and even for more simple reasons -such as accessing your files and programs during a business dinner; integrating remote access software opens a window to be always in contact with our digital assets.


As for example, there are many tools on the market to manage services MSP (Managed Service Provider) that focus on remote access in order to keep the necessary active link regardless the distance. Among these options, Bomgar highlights and ranks among the best. Here’s why, and what serves our purposes more


Benefits that offers Bomgar Remote Access Software

Many remote access programs are basically suited for non-commercial use. Bomgar adapts to the changes and demands of business to supports interaction of several teams in web conferences, for programming, technical assistance and many other actions with:


Full access

Bomgar ensures a secure channel for remote access from where you can fully use your files and systems. This is a particularly useful advantage to save valuable time when giving or receiving technical assistance.


Secure Access

Connections made via Bomgar are encrypted with special protocols from end to end, and keys that expire once you close each session. This leverages security to quite acceptable levels.



Whether you telecommute or hire third-party Help Desk services, Bomgar Remote Access software helps you to follow and measure times of execution of each task.


Lightweight and Compatible

Bomgar Remote Access is compatible with your operating systems; and works in such a way that it barely interferes with other running processes during the connection.


Works on Android and iPhone

Also, it provides intelligent consoles for remote support for Android and Apple iPhone devices. This expanded mobile effort ensures support to manage multiple sessions on mobile devices simultaneously.


Shared functions

During the session, you can share tools and functions between the remote PC and local device. This is particularly necessary during chats and web conferences, or even to keep a log of events.


Intel Strategic Partner

Bomgar Remote Access is part of the lucky ones in having a partnership with this big fish. This collaboration allows technicians and users to solve problems remotely at OS level.


In more technical terms, this means that Bomgar allows restart PCs; update BIOS and create disk images remotely, among other things. And it works even if the machine is turned off.


For these and other technical reasons that we invite you to discover in detail the reasons why we recommend Bomgar Remote Access to give an answer to your need to acquiring tools in remote access to keep direct contact with our digital assets.

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