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Nowadays, thousands of companies keep shifting their working mode to remotely, and the TeamViewer features are one of the best ways for them to adapt to this change quickly.

This remote access software allow teams to improve their productivity from home. How? Through some key features that help them deal with specific situations every day.

teamviewer features

TeamViewer for example is one of the most popular remote access applications due to its simplicity and integrated options. TeamViewer features are varied, practical, and aimed at providing the best experience for the remote worker.

These features makes it one of the most widely used tools by remote teams today. In this article we’ll show you seven (7) of the most appropriate TeamViewer functions to improve your team’s labor productivity.

TeamViewer features that will increase your remote team’s productivity

Working remotely means staying away from colleagues who lend a hand to you when a problem shows up. Also, it could also mean to deal with the inability to physically join a meeting.

The good news is that all these actions are also possible thanks to some TeamViewer features. These functionalities help you reduce as much as possible the time it takes your team to complete each task remotely.

Here are seven of these TeamViewer features to recommend to your team once you get to know them well.

Recording sessions

TeamViewer allows you to record remote access sessions or meetings that you and your team hold remotely through Blizz. This tool matches the software and is attached to it.

You can make the most out of this feature by watching and listening to a recording as many times as you want. This will be useful for you in order to find the each meeting’s weak points and thus reduce the connection time whenever you join your team for a session.

Multi-platform access

Laptops, tablets and mobile phones are fully compatible with TeamViewer remote connections. The software allow you to access any remote device from any Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, iOS or Android compatible device.

Therefore, this feature allows your team members to access any computer regardless of the device they’re using at that moment, thus overcoming limitations in terms of hardware.

Detailed reports

Keep track of your team’s every move with this TeamViewer reports feature. This way your team will have a great accuracy level and you’ll know the most important connection indicators for them.

Also, you’ll know exactly which member of your team was responsible for a specific task, how much time they needed to do it and when exactly they finished it.

Management console

This internal TeamViewer tool allows you to manage your account data, connection logs, IDs and passwords, chat and more options, as well as distribute access permissions – and restrictions – to each member of your team.

This way you have control over your TeamViewer account at all times and know in detail the internal organization of your company or remote team and what role each of your employees plays within.

Direct access keys

TeamViewer also helps your remote team to access its main tools through the control panel and QuickSteps menu, which allow you to complete IT support tasks without difficulty.

More specifically, this panel functions go from accessing to remote computers and multiple connections simultaneously, among many others. All of them will help you streamline your team’s internal processes.

Support ticket management

Another TeamViewer key feature is the easy management of support tickets for your company’s customers using servicecamp. This way, you have the power to assign specific responsibilities to each member of your team and follow up on each internal procedure.

Connection speed control

This remote computer software also has the option to set the connection speed. Of course, this can be changed in the connection window menu.

This way, your team members no longer have to fear long remote meetings with you because of their fragile connection. You can advise them to prioritize their connection speed rather than the graphic quality of their image.

Why is it important to maintain a high level of productivity on your remote team?

Whether your team provides technical support to customers or is an internal support department of your company, productivity plays a key role in its performance.

In that way, for a company to function properly, its internal teams must keep constant and effective communication and carry a uniform work rhythm.

If, for any reason, one of the team’s productivity decreases, the rest of the departments will be affected. Therefore, the company’s overall performance as well.

teamviewer features

This is where the importance of keeping your team’s work productivity afloat lies, and TeamViewer can help you with that. You can then avoid a decrease in performance and influence the rest of the company’s departments.

If you want to get the most out of your team, you can contact us anytime. At GB Advisors we are specialists in advising and installing ITSM and Digital Security software, and our team is always available to help you!

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