5 key features that your Help Desk software must include

Help Desk software

It seems hard to imagine, but several decades ago customers had to go directly to companies to solve any problem they had. As you can guess, problem-solving capabilities were quite deficient, making customers constantly frustrated. 

key features of Help Desk software


Luckily, the invention of the telephone changed everything. Although it took a few years before organizations began to take advantage of this device to respond to the demands of their customers, that resource certainly made things much better. 


We’ve come a long way since then. We have many tools at our disposal and a variety of channels for communicating with customers. However, this diversity of options can sometimes be overwhelming when it comes to choosing a solution. This makes it a challenge, for example, to find the ideal Help Desk software. 


Not all software is adaptable to our business model, that’s why when choosing we have to take into account several factors that will allow us to acquire a product that really suits our needs. Some of those factors to consider are the functionalities of the tool.


If you are interested in knowing what are the key features that a good Help Desk software should offer, you can not miss our article today. Read on and discover much more. 


What is a HelpDesk for? 


Before, the use of Help Desk software was limited exclusively to meet the requirements of users in the IT area. Today, thanks to its effectiveness, this tool is used by companies’ support teams to meet any customer request. 


The objective of a good Help Desk is to ensure a level of customer satisfaction that is close to 100%. How does it achieve this? Through the organized management of tickets, automation, and optimization of support agents’ response times. 


In short, a Help Desk software is for: 


Efficiently managing customer requests


For customer support agents it can be difficult to handle all customer requirements manually. Especially if these requirements are related to different products and services. 

key features of Help Desk software


The Help Desk software allows support team members to access all customer requests through a centralized platform that is also capable of automatically creating and assigning tickets for greater efficiency. 


Creating a knowledge-base 


One agent’s experiences with problem-solving can be of great help to the whole team. The creation of a knowledge base makes it possible to accumulate all the useful knowledge related to customer support in one place. 


In this way, agents can get quick answers to problems that have already been solved in the past, and as a result, they can respond more quickly to the customer’s request. 


Analyzing data to improve service quality


Help Desk software is capable of collecting huge amounts of customer-related data. This information can then be used by support agents to measure customer service department performance, identify pain points and analyze user satisfaction. 


All this with the aim of creating new strategies that improve the quality of service. 


5 key features that your Help Desk software must have 

The market has excellent options for this type of tool. Those options are constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of companies. If you want to make the process of selecting your solution a quick activity, the idea is that you start by taking into consideration these 5 key features that should include your Help Desk software: 

#1 Self-Service Portal


Your Help Desk software must integrate a feature that allows you to contain a certain amount of information to respond to different problems. This functionality should give you the opportunity to create: 


  • An interactive FAQ available to technical support and customers, which is updated as requests are resolved.
  • Tutorials based on a knowledge base to train new helpdesk staff.
  • Interactive documentation to find information of all kinds, classified according to its nature and subject.


In short, with this function, you must be able to generate a knowledge base that supports a self-service portal in which your customers can find information quickly and without the need to contact an agent. 


#2 Friendly interface


This is one of the most important key features. The tool should give you a complete overview of all your support tickets through the centralized control panel friendly interface. 

key features of Help Desk software


There are two important resources that this feature can help you manage better: time and user satisfaction level. With an intuitive interface, agents can quickly understand how to get the most out of the tool. 


In addition, they will also have easy access to customer history, giving them the opportunity to respond immediately and increase productivity. 


#3 Multichannel Support 


What is the preferred channel for customers when contacting companies? According to the surveys, many organizations believe that it is the telephone, however, those same surveys showed that the channel preferred by a large majority of users is really the chat. 


Of course, this perception can vary depending on the type of business and the characteristics of the client. This means that users can decide to communicate by different means. That’s why this is also a key feature because the ideal is that your Help Desk software allows you to create and manage tickets from different channels such as email, online chat or even social networks. 


#4 Creation of reports 


Your software should give you access to detailed reports on the performance of the agents; but also on the load in the number of tickets per user, department, agent, type of request, etc.


You can use these reports to optimize response time, balance the workload between your agents, detect problems, etc.


#5 SLAs

Help Desk software

To ensure that your customers have realistic expectations about your services, you need to establish service level agreements. With your Help Desk software, you should be able to define the standards for your teams by creating your own SLA rules; establishing precise deadlines within which support tickets must be processed and resolved according to priorities.


Remember, these are just recommendations. You are the one who decides which are the key characteristics for you, always based on the needs of your business and the objectives you have set. 


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Trust us and improve the efficiency of your IT assets. 


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