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Marketing Campaigns

ls there a secret to successfully managing marketing campaigns?  

It is easy to think that the size of your marketing investment will be directly proportional to the success of the projects or campaigns you run.    

However, this success goes beyond this.   

A company’s marketing can be a true reflection of the efficiency of its internal processes.    

  • Are there many manual processes interfering with the work of the collaborators?    
  • Can collaborators find the information they need in 5 minutes or less?    
  • Is everyone on the team aware of ongoing tasks and processes?   

These problems highlight the lack of efficiency in the internal processes of a marketing department, which can impact the success of the campaigns.   

Below, we tell you what you need to do to overcome these problems and ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.   

How to Have Successful Marketing Campaigns? 

Any marketing campaign is closer to success and efficiency if it has: 

  • Effective communication. 
  • Efficient and transparent task management. 
  • Few (or no) manual or repetitive tasks. 

By having this, you will be able to: 

  • Reduce information silos. 
  • Facilitate task management and improve the visibility of the processes involved. 
  • Have employees more focused on adding value to their roles and, therefore, to the organization. 

In this way, your organization’s marketing department will be closer to the performance needed to achieve better results, which can translate into a higher return on investment. 

Three Tools To Efficiently Manage Marketing Campaigns 

Communication Tools 

Success in many aspects of business goes hand in hand with good communication between stakeholders. 

According to data published by Zippia, high-performing employees use 45% of their time for collaborative work (video calls, chats, sharing documents, updating other team members on tasks/processes). 

In this sense, they also state that collaborative environments help to increase productivity for task completion by up to 50%. Collaborative environments need a simple communication channel where the flow of information is continuous and uninterrupted. 


So, knowing that communication in marketing management goes beyond a group chat or email, achieving this uninterrupted flow of information can only be possible using centralized communication tools. 

For this reason, having communication/collaboration tools available is vital to ensure marketing success. 

As a result, the marketing team can save time by centralizing communication and collaboration. Moreover, this also improves the visibility of project processes and tasks. 

What Does The Perfect Communication And Collaboration Tool Look Like 

The ideal communication and collaboration tool should encompass 

  • Instant chats.   
  • Emails.   
  • Ability to share files.   
  • Ability to modify files and collaborate in real-time.   
  • Receive real-time notifications.   

Benefits of Using a Communication and Collaboration Tool For Marketing Campaigns?   

Team members will save up to 4 hours per week by centralizing the management of information related to projects they are involved in.    

In addition, this improved information management and communication will speed up decision-making by 17%.    

Task Management Tool   

Did you know that 34% of organizations complete their projects within the established dates and budgets (Wellingtone figures)?   

According to this same report, among the challenges faced by project managers (no matter the area) are:   

  • Manage too many projects simultaneously.   
  • Lack of appropriate management software (in marketing, this can be CRM, task management software, project management software, etc.).   
  • Lack of visibility of processes, tasks, resources, etc.    

In this sense, task management software becomes very important to ensure the success of any project, not only marketing campaigns.    

Why is that? Because this type of software allows you to gather all the information related to the tasks in progress (status, assigned agent, related information and documents, related communications, etc.).  

Consequently, you also increase the visibility of what is happening in the campaign, which impacts decision-making.    

Benefits Of Using a Task Management Tool For Marketing Campaigns?  

Marketing team

Increased visibility of tasks and processes under development will result in the possible eradication of spreadsheets for managing project information.   

Likewise, the mail traffic previously used to manage project or campaign information will decrease, which also represents a saving of up to two days of time spent in gathering information on the current status of processes.   

This, at the same time, means having clearer processes, tasks, and scope. With this, work teams will be less involved in last- minute changes, resulting from not being clear about the needs or requirements of the particular campaign or project. 

Automation Tool   

Your organization probably already uses some form of marketing automation.   

In this regard, launching an email marketing campaign nowadays involves automation (do MailChimp, HubSpot, or monday marketer sound familiar?).    

Moreover, even having a chatbot on your website for self-service involves automation.   

So, your organization’s marketing is probably already leveraging automation to improve the user and marketing team’s experience.   

However, automation can go further and help you manage as well:   

  • Lead and account qualification and monitoring   
  • Events (webinars, virtual events, etc.) 
  • Campaigns 
  • Performance monitoring (automated report management) 
  • Tasks and workflows   

Benefits of Using an Automation Tool For Marketing Campaigns? 

In the case of marketing campaign management, you can facilitate processes such as content approval (creative and copy), assigning campaign-related tasks, or even customizing automated workflows according to your team’s processes. 

In terms of events, automation will not only help you implement email marketing campaigns. It can also allow you to send each lead captured to the sales pipeline, where it will be assigned to an agent automatically. 

Likewise, an automation tool allows you to automate notifications, change the status of an element (task, for example), create elements and sub-elements, and assign tasks or approvals. 

All this is according to triggers ranging from a specific action to specific time periods, deadlines, or previously configured dependencies.     

Is This Enough to Have Efficient and Successful Marketing Campaigns?   

There is no “magic formula” for successful campaigns. Therefore, every effort made must be composed of two things:  

  • Creativity and ingenuity that captivates.  
  • Efficient processes that enhance this creativity.  

The creativity and ingenuity part is covered by the team’s talent. 

Now, as for efficient processes, you can transform what we have discussed in this blog into three pillars:  

  • Communication   
  • Visibility  
  • Automation  

Collaboration between collaborators is assured when it is easy to communicate and share information with anyone who needs it.  

However, this must go hand in hand with extended visibility of all processes under development. This way, everyone will be on the same page and know what to do.  

Finally, what would be the missing element to raise the level of process quality needed to achieve success? Automation.   

Automating Having automated processes and tasks will free the team from those small tasks that are a fundamental part of their roles, but do not add value to them.   

As you can see, there is no communication or collaboration without good process visibility. And all of this would not be truly leveraged without optimized processes with automation.   

So, here you have the representation of a marketing challenge that many are aware of, but very few successfully address: having a marketing that exceeds goals, maintaining or even lowering costs. 

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