Recovering your sensitive data after a ransomware attack (without dying in the attempt)4 min read

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, imagine it had: You were too confident, you didn’t take all the previsions and now, you are facing a fearful zero day.  Ransomware shows its ugly face on your screen, demanding you to pay an amount of money to recovering your sensitive data, otherwise… say goodbye to all your information. Bad, really bad for your business (and even worse for your pocket).
It seems that there isn’t much to do… except paying for the rescue, doing it on your own, or hiring specialists to help you to recovering your sensitive data after a ransomware attack.
But between frustration and other things, you could not be so sure about which option fits better to solve your particular case of recovering your sensitive data after a ransomware attack… So what can you do?

A ransomware attack is not the end of the world!

First of all, don’t lose your temper. Although your first instinct may be going nuts and screaming, banging your head against the wall, flipping your PC or all the above. The truth is that there are plenty solutions to recovering your sensitive data after a ransomware attack; however, drowning in your own misery isn’t one of them.

The second thing you should do, is thinking about money: Do you have an emergency budget intended for recovering your sensitive data after a ransomware attack? How generous -or strict- is it? Do you prefer to recovering your sensitive data on your own, and save that money? All these options are valid, and you should answer these questions before moving forward.

If you have the skills and knowledge available, go for it!

If you’re confident enough and you decant to recover your sensitive data by yourself, be realistic about your expertise to going into such process. Ideally, you shouldn’t spend your life in researching, or conducting trial and error tests that not necessarily will successfully lead you in your crusade.

While there are many options for recovering sensitive data after a ransomware attack, the ugly truth is that not all options are friendly… and not all options apply neither to all operating systems, nor all files.

However, if you prefer to hire an expert to help you to recovering your sensitive data after a ransomware attack, prepare yourself to do some research: Are you in expert hands? Do you have any guarantee that they will respect your privacy and will not disclose or take advantage of your sensitive data? And more, do you have all the permits and necessary elements to put in their hands the information you need to recover?

In terms of protection and professional care about your valuable information, no caution verges on paranoia: Even if it isn’t your case, imagine that your sensitive data is linked to confidential information that jeopardizes the national security, or has the power to collapse an economic system, or make of your private a public tale exposed to everybody.  It is really tricky to put your sensitive data in hands of third parties, so you better verify in deep your options before doing anything.

Take the attack as a lesson to learn

Hacker behind the shadows

Third, learn from mistakes. All this mental exercise is, somehow, a way to measure the effects of ransomware. The key to everything in this particular exercise, is avoiding to expose yourself to the unpleasant experience of recovering your sensitive data after a ransomware attack.

In this sense, there is the fourth and final option:  Prevention. The best weapon you have to expel ransomware attacks that might take away your peace of mind, and putting you in the predicament of recovering your sensitive data, is acquiring solutions backed up in The Cloud with digital forensics.  These solutions will help you to encode and store your sensitive data in places and ways away from hackers, with full confidentiality and professionalism.

This mental exercise also applies to more profane scenarios, such as voltage surges that compromise your equipment, or robbery of your physical assets. As a result, you should always look for the advice of experts who can help you to choose the best option to prevent the lose of your sensitive data, and help you to keep it always safe.

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