What criteria should you use to purchase an IT security software?

comprar software de seguridad informática

comprar software de seguridad informática

Cybersecurity is the backbone of any company with an IT architecture. A single attack on the corporate network can mean significant economic losses. Therefore, it is essential to have security software that shields all digital assets.

However, choosing one is not always as easy as it seems, because its choice will depend on multiple factors inherent to your company, which you must study carefully in order to make an intelligent decision.

In this post, we’ll show you how to buy IT security software and what the most important options are.

The importance of choosing the right IT security software for your business

To buy truly efficient IT security software, you must take into account factors per se of your company. Bellow, we lay out a checklist:

software seguridad informática

  • Types of functions exercised by your company
  • Size of your business
  • Number of employees
    User training and resistance to change
  • Level of specialization
  • Establishment of your own IT department
  • Economic capital
  • Protection required
  • Affinity with the supplier


The software you choose should meet the specific security needs of your industry. Otherwise, this can generate the emergence of new vulnerabilities. In addition, an inadequate tool can slow down and hinder IT tasks.

How to choose an IT security software?

Here are some important principles that can help you decide when buying the right IT security software:

# 1 Implementation time

Certainly, a program that offers you simple and quick solutions is a great extra advantage over other options. Therefore, to choose software, you must take into account how long it takes the vendor to adapt the product in your company, and how long it will take employees to see the results of this implementation.

This will help you determine its effectiveness and protect your company as soon as possible. In addition to this, efficient cybersecurity software has an intuitive platform, easy to use and understand. At the same time, it should have a qualified support center, which will help you to make the protection of your data less tedious and more proactive.

As a plus, these are 3 factors that will help you determine, according to the implementation time, how successful your purchase can be:

1) The tool is easy for the end user to use
2) It is easy to install and its licensing policies are well explained and argued
3) The purchase brings with it a manual for the employee

# 2 Keep in mind the software vendor

comprar software de seguridad informática

One of the most common mistakes is choosing the product without taking into account the company that represents it. Indeed, only a few vendors are really committed to protecting your digital assets.

In this way, the technicians of the vendor company must have previous experience attending the IT infrastructures of your sector. Besides, you must also consider their reputation.


It’s just a matter of asking others who have already opted for that IT security software or simply reviewing online opinions in order to evaluate multiple scenarios.

In addition to this, it is important that there are a contract and purchase documents, which make clear the criteria for obtaining the service. On the other hand, it is imperative to verify that the system is constantly updated according to the needs of new technologies. Otherwise, it could become obsolete faster than you think.

At the same time, we recommend choosing providers who include in their package additional services such as user training, knowledge base, technical support, and feature optimizations.

# 3 Be in tune with the current regulations

Above all, IT security software must guarantee compliance with cybersecurity protocols and process quality. This, also adds value to your company’s security standards, because it prevents the appearance of vulnerabilities caused by human error.

# 4 Flexibility is the key

seguridad informática

Surely, your company has some stronger points than others. For this reason, it is necessary for the tool to be able to rank protection levels automatically. In this way, you can intelligently handle sensitive data such as financial information.

Besides, it should include configurable functionalities, access management, user roles, and data audits. These factors will make it more reliable.


On the other hand, it must adopt migrations from other systems and be able to connect with other tools, which broaden the possibilities of your cybersecurity strategy; and at the same time, reduce the workload of your technical team.

The best IT security software

There are many options on the market to protect your business. Among them, we recommend you:

  • Acunetix

This is a web vulnerability scanner that monitors online applications to prevent any intrusion into systems and detect vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, and XSS attacks.

This platform has:

  1. Automatic Tracking
  2. A detailed reporting system
  3. Friendly interface
  • Nessus Scanner

Like the previous option, Nessus scans vulnerabilities, reduces risks and ensures the proper functioning of your systems.

Certainly, this is the most used option in the world and has obtained the world ranking in 2000, 2003 and 2006 as the best network security tool. In particular, it prevents attacks and identifies errors and weaknesses that can lead to incidents.

This platform has:

  1. Detailed operator panels
  2. Mechanisms to strengthen networks against cyber threats
  3. Internal network scans
  4. Intuitive interface

This is a cloud-based cyber exposure platform that automatically manages your company’s resources and vulnerabilities scan your web applications and secures your containers.

This software has:

  1. A practical approach that tracks your system and ensures its security
  2. Mechanisms to monitor your assets
  3. Ability to integrate with other programs
  4. Options for Hierarchical Tracking
  5. Intuitive platform
  6. ROI Principles
  • BeyondTrust

Offers Remote Support, Encryption, and Privileged Access management services to protect your digital assets.

This software has:

  1. Remote systems and tools and key management, which ensures extreme protection of your codes and keys security
  2. Access from any device
  3. Key storage vault
  4. Account Management Services
  5. Random credential rotation and automatic credential tracking
  • SIEM

This cybersecurity software monitors event management within architectures to detect vulnerabilities before hackers, malware, and prevent advanced threats.

This is a complete platform that:

  1. Makes active and passive scanning of your networks
  2. Predicts suspicious attacks
  3. Boosts your digital security and protects you constantly
  4. Works 24/7

At GB Advisors, we can help you select the program that best suits your business. Contact us.

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