Free Antivirus: Can They Really Protect your Systems?

Free Antivirus


Using an antivirus solution is not only a very wise decision; it is also one of the first steps we must take to create an effective security strategy for digital environments. However, either because of the cost of paid software or simply because we believe it is a worthwhile solution; many of us choose to rely on free antivirus software to protect our systems.


What some of us do not realize is that this type of program may, eventually; cause us some problems that could be much more expensive than the purchase of a paid antivirus.  If you are one of those who has also relied on free antivirus to protect your company’s systems; you should take a look at these 3 disadvantages that come with free security software. Read on and find out more.

The Importance of Antivirus

Today, many companies have decided to use technology to improve their internal processes and obtain better results. Unfortunately, the digital environment is plagued by increasingly sophisticated threats; which in many cases can make a technological device a port of entry for malicious elements.

Some of these infectious programs can be virtually harmless. However, there are many other more aggressive versions, capable of destroying or stealing data; and even making an entire system go downtime.

That is why the security of devices and the digital ecosystem of the company in general; must be a priority in any plan aimed at achieving business success. This is where anti-virus comes in.


Free Antivirus


An antivirus is capable of analyzing, detecting and stopping an enormous variety of threats, however; if one thing must be clear is that they are not capable of protecting a system 100%. The security of digital environments depends on a combination of strategies that go beyond the installation of software.



Although there are some popular beliefs that make users think that an antivirus can be the solution to all their security problems, the truth is that this is only a myth. None of this software is infallible, especially those that are free.

3 Arguments against free antivirus software

#1 Nothing is completely free

If one thing is certain, it is that free antivirus programs are able to give users a certain degree of effectiveness. What’s more, there are constant improvements and updates (though not as often as paid solutions) to keep up with the latest viruses.

The question is, who pays for the development of these improvements if the antivirus is free? The answer is simple, the user. Many of the companies that offer free antivirus receive benefits from sharing customer data with other companies. The worst part is that this type of actions are not illegal at all, because it is the user who, by accepting the privacy policy that comes with the installation of the antivirus, gives the provider of the tool, certain freedoms for the handling of their data.

So if you want more control over the data your antivirus provider can share, we recommend that you think about purchasing a paid solution.

#2 Investment equals better technology

Free Antivirus


There must definitely be a significant difference between the quality of a free tool and one that is paid for. In the case of anti-virus, the best are those that can use the monetary benefits they receive from users to invest in technology to develop more effective solutions. A good example is Nessus security scanner. 



Free antivirus programs are often updated less frequently, and their automated scans are less advanced than those of a paid solution. Most free versions do not use special techniques and rely exclusively on signature recognition. This technique alone offers no guarantee of total security.

In addition, malware libraries of this type of software tend to register only traditional viruses, making it difficult for free antivirus to detect new threats when they attack the system for the first time.

#3 Free but without support

Still don’t find any noticeable differences between free and paid antivirus? If you use a free solution, you will probably discover the difference when you encounter questions or problems related to your antivirus.


Free Antivirus


One of the great advantages of having a paid software, is the support service available to you during and after the purchase of the product. So, whenever you need advice, patches or anything else to do with your tool, you can always count on a team of professionals willing to answer your questions and help you solve your problem.


As another argument in favor of paid tools, we can say that even free solutions offer improved versions when you buy a license. This means that effectively, improved versions of these products require an investment of money.

Still not convinced which solution is right for you? Contact us and ask all the questions you need until you make the right decision. At GB Advisors we specialize in offering our clients the latest technology tools to help them carry out their business projects.

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