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Offer 1. Take advantage of McAfee end of Life and switch to with a 40% Discount


tenableio offer 2018McAfee MVM End of Life is a great opportunity for users in Latin America and the Caribbean to enjoy all the advantages of a high-tech security tool. Upgrade to and ensure the protection of your systems with this solution that combines the best in security software to give you a versatile and flexible vulnerability scanner.

What is

It is a platform that helps IT specialists, to manage vulnerabilities. A next-generation cloud-based software offering the highest quality of security for cloud assets such as containers and web applications.


What are the benefits I get from this change?

The continuous transformation of the digital space brings with it the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated threats. This makes it imperative to obtain a solution that allows you to anticipate any possible attack on your systems. with its Cyber-exposure Platform offers you the best alternative to keep your data protected in the cloud. There are countless advantages offered by this security software, these are just a few of them:

  1. Reduction of blind spots through total visibility of the system’s attack surface.
  2. An easy-to-access reporting and ticketing system.
  3. An intuitive interface with a variety of tools available.
  4. A comprehensive tool that provides access to vulnerability management, web application scanning, and computer container security.


Offer 2.  Switch to Tenable Security Center for free (Expired Offer)


In October, Intel Security announced the end of life of McAfee Vulnerability Manager and Total Protection For Compliance Desktop, also known as McAfee MVM. The product will reach its end of sale by Jan. 11, 2016, and its end of life by 2018

What does it mean being a current McAfee Vulnerability Manager customer

This means that McAfee has stopped working on new versions and updates for the products they are discontinuing, which clearly leaves current customers potentially exposed to new security threats.

Current customers of McAfee MVM now face the need to research, install and gain a greater knowledge of the tools available in the market to replace the McAfee MVM software. This is obviously a task that could take months of work; a considerable amount of time spent investigating the best tool, the best company and the best solution to keep your organization protected.

Why the McAfee MVM EOL can become a great opportunity?

security center logoCurrent McAfee MVM users have now the opportunity to switch to Tenable’s SecurityCenter for a one year subscription (512 IP) for free.

What’s included in this offer?

  • FREE Tenable SecurityCenter (512 IP) one-year subscription
    Complete visibility through active scanning, passive scanning, agents, and logging
  • Four hours of free, remote professional services
    Tenable includes up to four hours of quickstart professional services free with this offer in order to speed up the process of installation and configuration of your new Security Center.
  • Free on-demand access to online training access,
    To help you gain a quick understanding of the tool
  • 1 year, 512 IP credit applied toward a larger purchase
    In the event that you need a higher version than SecurityCenter or additional IP’s, you can use the 512 IP subscription as a credit toward a larger purchase saving a significant amount of money!If you are a current McAfee MVM customer and want to make the Tenable switch for free, please contact us for more information. This is a limited time offer!

If you are a current McAfee MVM customer and want to make the Tenable switch for free, please contact us for more information. This is a limited time offer!

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