ITSec – SaaS: Security as a Service to shield your company3 min read

In the same trend to making integrations to improve business; ITSec – SaaS has arrived to stay. As you may guess, ITSec – SaaS is here to provide security on-demand through Cloud-based services.  

From the business point of view; ITSec – SaaS approach consists in outsourcing digital security and its associated services (infrastructure, programming and management). We also know managed security services as Secure Web Gateway (SWG).

In this sense, several aspects of digital security under ITSec – SaaS have been specially designed to be Cloud-Based services. Among them we have:

  • Security suites that demand continuous updates to counteract emerging threats. Contractors can manage them directly from their IT departments.
  • Proprietary security suites whose management are performed remotely by the manufacturer given their complexity. Among them we find advanced antivirus, antimalware, antispyware and anti-phishing.

Both approaches are valid and perfectly possible to adapt depending on what you look for in digital security.

ITSec – SaaS as Managed Security Services

enfoque ITSec - SaaSAs previously said, digital security has evolved towards outsourcing. That is, the new trends empower the end user to manage their security preferences; however, it also allows the intervention and direct guidance of the manufacturer to improve them. And when we lead into this path, we go directly to the outsourcing of digital security services; or managed security services.

In summary, ITSec – SaaS bases its power on the delivery of digital security through the Cloud; whose demand by the way has increased a lot in the last few years.

However, we must look closely at such raise to understand what are our real motivations towards ITSec – SaaS; and what are the limits we should respect to avoid annoying setbacks.

ITSec – SaaS: Do’s and don’ts

ITSec - SaaSAs numerous threats and options to counteract them emerge; it’s very easy to lose direction. So, as a result, we usually assume a reactive attitude to contract them all, which results in unsuitable security services for our business.

In this sense and according to the experts, there is a tendency to create Lego-type security models. The analogy matches perfectly precisely because we tend to add and fit security pieces as threats emerge to make a shapeless security conglomerates. And this is precisely what shouldn’t do.

On the contrary, what should do is rethinking our security strategy and drive it in layers. Like this, you will avoid hiring services that surely won’t be scalable or compatible among them and as a result; will offer a cumbersome performance that will also impact on your pocket.

What should you look in ITSec – SaaS for your company?

Consensus indicates the main characteristics to build a comprehensive ITSec – SaaS approach. Among them, you must choose carefully to create a tailored security model for you:

ITSec - SaaSWe repeat, although it is good to protect the company from a comprehensive point of view; it’s a better idea to only hire services that respond to both, matching your needs and coupling among them. Security management is a sensitive issue that, in reality, demands a lot of care and attention in order to reach acceptable parameters.

GB Advisors has the necessary tools and key personnel to help you diagnose your digital security needs; and choose the perfect combination of solutions to create your own ITSec – SaaS tailored suite. Contact us here to make it real.

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