Digital Threats: 5 Essential Resources to Protect Your Business5 min read

Digital Threats

Digital Threats


Any company, regardless of its size, may be the victim of a cyber attack. That’s why cybersecurity must play an essential role within organizations because digital threats are many, they are varied and their level of impact can be so great as to make the operations of a business stop.



We know that carrying out a cybersecurity strategy that protects systems in an all-inclusive way is not an easy task. However, by investing in the right resources, companies can easily guarantee the permanent security of their digital assets.


Elements as straightforward as a firewall or multi-factor authentication can make a big difference between a vulnerable security system and a truly robust one. If you want to know more about the essential tools and services to protect your systems, you can’t miss this article we’ve prepared for you. Read on and get the details.

5 Essential Tools and Services to Protect Your Systems from Digital Threats

#1 Firewall


Hackers have created increasingly sophisticated digital threats. This may give the impression that the firewall has become obsolete.


However, the importance of this tool should not be underestimated, as it remains one of the essential elements of any security system. Its function: to block any unauthorized access to your system.


Digital Threats

The firewall monitors network traffic and connection attempts, and decides what can and cannot freely pass through the network or computers. It is true that the firewall has its limitations. It is even known that some experienced hackers have learned to create data and programs that evade their security. However, despite this, firewalls are still very effective in detecting most of the more traditional attacks.



#2 Antivirus software


Another traditional tool whose importance is often underestimated. In 2019, antivirus is still a resource that plays a vital role in the protection of corporate systems.


An antivirus program is able to warn you and your team in case of infection by a virus or malware. Many even include additional services such as email scanning to ensure that there are no infected attachments or malicious web links.


Today’s antivirus software provides useful protection measures, such as quarantining and removing potential threats. The best part is that there is a wide variety of antivirus software available; which means that finding the right one for your business needs will be an easy task.


Caution! It is not recommended that you rely on free antivirus software to protect your systems. It is important that you consider investing in a paid solution if you seek to achieve a solid security strategy.


#3 Public Key Infrastructure Services


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services represent valuable resources for enterprises, providing an answer to a number of common cybersecurity problems.


In addition to its role in server security, PKI can be used for the following purposes:


Multi-factor authentication and access control: PKI ensures that only approved users, machines, and devices (i.e., those with properly configured certificates) can access and operate your networks.


Creation of reliable digital signatures: Digital signatures authenticate the signer’s identity and create a tamper-proof seal to protect document content and meet compliance requirements.


Digital Threats


Encryption of email communications and authentication of the sender’s identity: Digital signature and systematic encryption of internal emails reduce the risk of phishing and data loss. Verification of the origin of messages enables recipients to clearly distinguish between a legitimate email and phishing email. In addition, only official recipients have access to the content of emails.



Digital signature and code protection: End users are guaranteed the legitimacy of the code and the reliability of its source (verified source). In addition, the code is protected against any alteration and threat of malware infection.


#4 SIEM solutions and vulnerability scanners


When facing more sophisticated threats, it is necessary to use more powerful tools. SIEM solutions and advanced security scanners have become indispensable resources in the fight against digital threats.


Combined with state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, these solutions are capable of detecting complex and little-known threats quickly. This gives security teams a more proactive approach that allows them to anticipate attacks and respond effectively.


#5  Pentesting


The pentesting is an excellent method to test the efficiency level of your company’s security systems.


Digital Threats


In an pentest, cybersecurity professionals use the same techniques as hackers to detect potential vulnerabilities. Whether it’s password hacking, code injection or phishing attacks. Once the test is over, these professionals present their conclusions and may even suggest possible changes to your system.




The importance of raising staff awareness


This last point may not fall under the category of service or tool; but it is undoubtedly another indispensable factor for the creation of an effective security system: staff awareness.


Unfortunately, the human factor is still the weakest link in the security chain. This means that the tools, services or resources available; will not be enough if your staff is not prepared to prevent, detect and notify in time any security flaws they can identify.


With this in mind, then try to promote digital literacy within your business. Invest in ongoing training and allow your employees to take an active part in protecting your organization’s digital assets.


In a world where digital threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, not having the necessary resources is no longer an option.


If what you need is to find the tools that best suit the requirements of your business, do not hesitate to contact us. At GB Advisors we have the best security solutions and a team of professionals capable of providing you with first-class advice. Trust us and start watching your business grow.

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