Options in Digital Security to protect your business from cyber attacks

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Cyber attacks virtually evolve at the same pace as technology does. They appear and expand their tentacles to break and stop the normal flow of business operations. It simply takes a quick look to realize the shocking amount of daily cyber attacks that havoc on all types of organizations all over the world. At this point, it’s valid to ask what are you doing to enhance your digital security to protect your business?

Hackers manage to break into information systems without difficulty to discover and exploit zillions of vulnerabilities each year. However, recent studies point that many of the attacks weren’t that sophisticated; but quite the opposite. It means they were exploited through low complex techniques and by means of known vulnerabilities.

The moral here is that these incidents could have been simply avoided just by implementing patches and appropriated security measures. If only companies who suffered cyber attacks had taken these easy advises, they may have saved time and money in recovering from breaches in their digital security programs

So it’s pretty evident why you need to spotlight your digital security to protect your business operations; and overcoming all kind of digital threats. What probably is somehow difficult; is choosing the most suitable option to protect both, your assets and sensitive data. Let’s give a look on some options to achieve it.


Automated systems for the protection of business operations


We start this list of options with SIEM – Security Information and Event Management. SIEMs are centralized security systems combining SIM technology – Security Information Management; and SEM technology (Security Event Management).


On the one hand, SIM collects information of forensic laboratories to support the user; and generate reports with important data to address vulnerabilities.


On the other hand SEM takes care of the activities of supervision; correlation and processing vulnerability events in real time.

Then a SIEM system achieves the connection and unification of the knowledge related to the company’s information on security maturity regarding digital infrastructures. So, if you instal a SIEM tool, you’ll count on a highly effective monitoring system for threat analysis detections that enhances your digital security to protect your business operations with the most advanced security protocols from a single interface.

Powerful examples that hold the best reputations in this model of digital security to protect business operations are AlienVault, LoghRhytm.


Vulnerability Management

Second in this list, we find software for Vulnerability Management (VM). It includes safety practices especially designed to proactively prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities.

In general terms, the Vulnerability Management bases its processes on ITIL – KPI models, and usually integrates other existing IT processes. The ITIL model doesn’t subscribe any particular method; however, it sets into broader categories of Change Management and Production Management.

Moreover, deployment and commissioning of scan tools automate the activities of vulnerability research and assessment. These tools also provide essential information about vulnerabilities in information systems; and also to implement corrective measures (patches, part of the code vulnerable to change, etc.).

At the same time, Vulnerability Management systems ensure effective monitoring of technology to raise early warnings about the existence of new vulnerabilities, and their related security fixes.

However, Vulnerability Management systems are not enough but sensitive part of complex strategies and risk management systems related to information security.

In particular, initiatives such as promoting the user’s awareness or the integration of security in IT projects are also vital and, therefore, should be taken into consideration to strengthen vulnerability management systems.

The most representative tools for this model of digital security to protect your business operations are the suite of Tenable, Nessus.


Enterprise Security Software

Finally, we place here the option of security software.  Preferred by everybody, these tools help you to detect and expel attacks on your sensitive data at the very same time they are happening.  This  product line focuses on the last link in the chain of digital security to protect your business.

In this order, we find TrendMicro, a Cloud-based digital security platform that combines monitoring activities; firewall; log analysis; Web reputation; intrusion prevention and antimalware.

Also, we found Bomgar and Phishme. The first of them is a vault that manages remote access and communications. This solution gives protection and guarantees communications and shared files from end to end.

business operationsThe second solution, on the other hand, focuses its power in training the user to identify and neutralize phishing attacks. Its unique features make companies add an extra barrier against these sophisticated attacks.

Finally to round this analysis, we found Alert Logic; a powerful tool that employs the principles of Security as a Service (SECaaS). Telemetry is the chosen approach to achieve automated process management in hybrid or Cloud-based environments.

Beside acquiring software for assuring your business operations; it is important to apply security policies to keep sensitive data under control and out of the reach of hackers.


Still measuring your options in digital security to protect your business? Make your mind now!

Another thing to consider is the afterwards of being victim of cyber attacks. According to some studies and surveys, companies who were victims of hackers experiment double suffering: On the one hand, they lose sensitive data, money and business opportunities because; on the other hand, they also experiment the negative effects on their reputation and corporate image as the result of neglecting their digital security.

Again: It’s pretty evident why you need to spotlight your digital security to protect your business. And if after reading this post you still need some help to choose the most suitable option to protect your assets and sensitive data, contact us  here to give you a hand with that.

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