Current challenges of Digital Security Against Threats

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digital securityCybersecurity is a recurring theme for 4.0 organizations that seek answers in technology to address the complexity of attacks, that might put in danger the company data. To update you on the subject, we will focus on digital security against threats and on some recommendations to keep your company safe.  

Today’s Perspective On Digital Security Against Common Threats

When you assume that digital security against threats involves people, processes, and assets, your company gains more opportunities to protect itself from cyberattacks, that put in danger your company data. Because of the speed of creating exploits, many businesses fail to keep up with their counterparts. Therefore, users within the company need training, support, and systems to counteract attacks.

digital securityProper management of cybersecurity requires greater automation for the analysis, correlation of information and response to incidents. Thus, the measures recommended are:

  • Equipment management with global intelligence and machine learning to prevent zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Greater visibility of events and risk management according to business needs.
  • Propper education, to strengthen the fight against cybercrime and hackers, since the employee is usually, the most vulnerable.
  • Permanent monitoring of software, hardware, and data that enter / exit that requires periodic updates, patching, server virtualization, multilayer security, and a permanent record.

Challenges of Digital Security Against Threats

Staying protected requires a powerful platform that identifies vulnerabilities and works every day of the year, 24 hours a day. This must be combined with the creation of signatures detection and a manual search to face incidents such as:


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  • Ransomware: is a malware promoted by organized crime. It’s more accessible, and can infect IoT sensors and cause much damage. Because of the low-risk forecast, it deserves backup solutions for sensitive information.
  • Social engineered malware: Is associated with phishing. It arises from the context of social networks to infect computers and devices. This turns the BYOD strategy into BYOV (Bring your own virus).
  • Malicious web traffic: Although the web is being encrypted, this also affects the attacks. Undercover data is an effective weapon to disguise criminal activities, such as information theft.  

digital securityAs specialists in IT solutions and business software, one of our references for the detection of digital threats, is the AlienVault Digital Integrated Security platform, ideal for SMEs and also has the OTX community for support.

If you require advanced features for event management, SIEM, behavior monitoring, and vulnerability management, ask for advice from our digital security team!

Contact us and take the first step to protect the assets of your company.

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