Why is Anydesk one of the most secure remote access software?

Anydesk security features

It’s no secret that AnyDesk is one of the most widely used remote access software in the world. Did you know that it’s also one of the most secure? AnyDesk’s security features allow anyone to access someone else’s device in a totally protected manner.

It also provides remote teams with the ability to work from home as if they were at the office.

Anyone might think that using AnyDesk isn’t enough to equal the benefits of being in the workplace. However, the quality of this software has proven otherwise.  

Anydesk security features

In other words, AnyDesk guarantees employees the comfort of having all the tools they need to operate remotely.

But that’s not all…

AnyDesk’s main function can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Provide constant technical service to your team.
  • Access functions that are only available in your office, such as printing documents. 
  • Provide a fast and efficient problem-solving process to your remote team.

No doubt then that this software’s many qualities make it different from its competitors. But there’re four AnyDesk’s security features that also take it to another level in the market. Let’s see them. 

Security as a prerequisite for today’s work tools

Millions of cyber attacks have taken place on the Internet so far. Therefore, ensuring security has become a prerequisite for taking any action in digital. 

Actually, one of our priorities as web users is to feel safe. That’s why nothing would ever work if we don’t completely trust a software, application or tool.

Fortunately, thanks to AnyDesk’s security features, we can feel safe. 

As the company itself says, “As the provider of this remote access software (AnyDesk), we have the responsibility to keep our users’ information secure.” 

And, from our point of view, they haven’t failed to live up to their premise.


The reason is very simple. AnyDesk protects users from attacks or risks from the web through its main security features.

Which are those AnyDesk’s security features that make it one of the most secure remote access software?

network security

Anydesk has some security features that are very difficult to find in other remote access software. They were designed to keep you away from digital threats and allow you to enjoy a secure remote connection.

Are you willing to know which ones of them we’re talking about? Here they are:

Advanced data encryption

TLS 1.2 protocol protects any AnyDesk remote access or connection using several layers of security. Software managers are responsible for creating these protective layers.

This encryption, in addition to the verification process through the 2048bit RSA or 256bit elliptical DH curve of asymmetric key exchange and AEAD, protects your connection from unauthorized access. 

And, if the software detects a change in the connection signal, AnyDesk proceeds to remove it immediately – under security reasons. 

Secure settings

web security

Also, if you use AnyDesk you’ll be able to manage a series of permissions that you can grant or deny according to the degree of trust you have in the incoming user. These can be mouse or keyboard’s access, sound transmission, or authorization to restart your computer.

You also have the option to set a password so that only those users who have it actually get access to your desktop, and you can also prevent your device from being discovered.

Software’s own servers

Besides, the software offers the option of using its own servers to establish a more secure connection between different users. This way, AnyDesk ensures that the data remains within a sealed network, avoiding the possibility of it being breached by third parties. 

Constant communication and awareness

AnyDesk’s marketing team ensures that all channels used by the company keep users informed about the most relevant online security issues when using their software. 

Most importantly, it is responsible for advising and educating its users for them to avoid becoming victims of attacks or information theft.

Finally, AnyDesk offers its effective means of contact to report any fraudsters who are looking to mislead healthy users. 

AnyDesk’s competitiveness in the market

AnyDesk’s security features allow it to step firmly on the market and stand up to its main competitors. 

They also allow uses to use the software safely, without any worries going round in on their heads, of course.

Therefore, if you believe AnyDesk is the right remote desktop software for you or your team, we invite you to contact us for a professional advisory. 

At GB Advisors we’re specialists in implementing solutions for ITSM and Digital Security, and our team is always available to offer you the most suitable solutions for each of your needs.

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