Event Log File and History Analysis – SIEM for network Security

10 Reasons Event Log File, History Analysis and Event Management (SIEM) improve your Network Security


fixing digital deviceThe technology that provides security information analysis and event management (SIEM, its acronym in English), consists of a rapid detection, response and harmful software threats neutralization, by gathering network security issue events in real time. This detection and history event analysis are done on the basis of a wide variety event sources and contextual data.

In this article, You’ll have 10 reasons to feel confident and secure for having an event log file and history network security analysis and event management system (SIEM).


  1. Operations support: The companies are growing exponentially in size and complex, as well as their IT personnel. The operations are managed by different groups, operation equipment, server equipment, and desktop. Each using its own security event monitoring and response tools, making information exchange and decision choice difficult when problems occur.The main advantage of having the SIEM technology, consist of gathering events and/or network security events, to correlate and analyze it through disparate sources. It allows the collaboration between different equipment, especially in large companies.
  2. Compliance: The SIEM technologies bring support and direct help to certain standards and regulations compliance requirements which almost every company is subjected to, providing a mechanism to deploy rapidly a log data gathering framework, ensuring both instant access to the last log data and previous log data recovery, with the advantage of not having to do these tasks manually.
  3. auditoring SIEMReporting auditing results. SIEM provides support to verify that certain security requirements are met. With a minimal setup, this adds and creates reports throughout the company, which helps meet any auditing requirements.
  4. Zero-day threats detection. SIEM technology detects an attack-related activity, instead of detecting the threat itself, by correlating the processes’ activities and equipment’s network connections protected by SIEM, which reduces network vulnerabilities before serious damage occurs, it’s not necessary to do an analysis of the packets traversing it.
  5. Juridical processes and forensic analysis facilitation. The event log file represents the digital mark of every activity throughout the IT frameworks. The SIEM technology provides the necessary data to do quick and exhaustive juridical investigations, by the storage and protection of history logs and pattern recognitions, offering tools to navigate and correlate all the data in a quick and reliable way.
  6. Modular and scalable growth. An installed SIEM solution in your company extends quickly and easily by adding other devices, which allows to centralize, simplify and reinforce network security and IT operations, to fit the organization’s growth and expansion while avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  7. Security equipment time optimization. SIEM solutions use algorithms that rank risk factors according to how serious a potential threat is, rating the alarms automatically. Therefore, the security equipment in your organization can focus more on high-risk threats instead of low-risk ones.
    SIEM security network
  8. Precise search and powerful analysis. The SIEM system can perform a specific search that uses contextual or non-structured criteria to get precise results.  It can refer both to threats and an incident investigation, using analysis tools that access the data quickly, offering immediate and accurate responses.
  9. Automatic responses against unknown incidents. It blocks immediately the threats to your network, avoiding data filtrations and failure of processes and systems, leveraging a set of responses database against security cases and incidents, tested previously.
  10. Fewer hacker attacks. According to a prestigious security software company’s survey, 57% of the companies who are capable of detecting network-targeted attacks in just a few minutes, have experienced 10 or fewer attacks in a year. 78% of those companies have implemented SIEM solutions in real time, which indicates that hackers avoid companies with SIEM security solution integrations.

Think about all the benefits you can get out of it!

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