Oracle Ties Mobile Security to Identity and Access Management

After acquiring Blitzer in 2013 to gain access to mobile security technologies, Oracle this week announced that it has integrated those capabilities within its overall identity and access management portfolio.

Jim Taylor, senior director of product management for Oracle, says that via a single user interface, IT organizations can now consistently apply security policies across all their applications running on premise or in the cloud using the latest release of the Oracle Identity Management suite of software.

To achieve that goal, the updated Oracle Identity Management software adds identity governance tools that enable organizations to maintain and audit compliance with regulations that may require separation of duties and defined life cycle management processes.

As usage of mobile applications continues to expand across the enterprise, Taylor says IT organizations are employing a more platform-centric approach to IT security. Rather than thinking in terms of building one application at a time and then securing it, Oracle is providing a unified security and governance framework designed to be applied against both mobile devices and the applications that run on them, says Taylor.Description of Figure 1-2 followsArguably, the rapid rise in mobile application and device usage caught most enterprise IT organizations off guard. As a result, a hodgepodge of mobile applications has evolved inside their organizations that have been created using a variety of tools with differing levels of security and governance capabilities. Oracle is making the case that in a world where security is of paramount importance, the time has come to implement a more comprehensive approach to IT security in general—and identity management in particular.

The degree to which that actually occurs will differ wildly across different IT organizations. But the days when IT organizations could try to manage mobile applications in isolation from the rest of the enterprise are rapidly coming to a close.

Source:  Oracle Ties Mobile Security to Identity and Access Management
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