ITOM and Corporate Governance: 6 tips to boost Best Practices

IT Operations Management – ITOM and Corporate Governance are two aspects to take into account when promoting good practices in your company. But why sticking to just good, if we can get the best?

With this in mind, the time has come to move from Good to Best Practices and put them at your company’s service, and it begins in addressing to your internal customers’ needs. In fact, when we talk about service, we usually evoke mental images somehow limited to the user experience from the external point of view; especially if it’s related to Information Technology – IT.

In other words, we little know about the chain of events that allow us to enjoy and benefit from IT services. However, this perspective changes when we approach IT from the premise that processes are also services for the internal customer. Let’s see then what options we have in ITOM and Corporate Governance to foster good practices; and their benefits for your company.


ITOM and Corporate Governance: From Good to Best Practices focused on the internal customer

First of all, let’s start by clarifying how these concepts impact the quality of service to the internal user:



On the one hand, ITOM it refers to the Information Technology Operations Management for the company.  So, ITOM covers and responds for ensuring the tasks and incidents of resources and information technology company1:

IT operations management (ITOM) is the administrative area involving technology infrastructure components and the requirements of individual applications, services, storage, networking and connectivity elements within an organization.

IT operations include all the processes and services administered by an organization’s information technology (IT) department. As such, IT operations include administrative processes and support for hardware and software, for both internal and external clients. Effective IT operations management ensures the availability, efficiency, and performance of the organization’s processes and services.


Corporate Governance

On the other hand, corporate governance organizes the pieces so that every member of the business find their right places to make it properly work:

Corporate governance is a term that refers broadly to the rules, processes, or laws by which businesses are operated, regulated, and controlled. The term can refer to internal factors defined by the officers, stockholders or constitution of a corporation, as well as to external forces such as consumer groups, clients, and government regulations.

Now, to create an efficient and effective corporate governance, companies must go through five stages2:


Similarly, it must meet five basic quality criteria3:


In summary, corporate governance ensures the creation and integration of human capital to the company in macro contexts. In this regard; it feedbacks and makes part of a unique structure that demands a plan to give and receive guidelines.


Internal Customer

In plain and simple terms, the internal customer is every employee who is part of your company. Same, they are divided into three types, and each represents an element that satisfies a task in the process chain for the proper functioning of the company. In other words, each employee is both your client and your provider.

Now, let’s check the types of internal customer4:

Then, the internal customer is the engine that conforms to the company. Therefore, the internal customer must meet quality standards and offer the best for the company’s sake.

However, is a two-way street: The company is also obliged to fulfill expectations and responsibilities towards its internal customer, starting with the guarantee of an optimal working environment. Let’s see what they are.


From Good to Best Practices for the Internal Customer: ITOM and Corporate Governance


Coupled with ITOM and Corporate Governance, we have the Best Practices’ premises:



Then, to boost Best Practices, Corporate Governance needs to incorporate; direct and control IT to ensure the achievement of business goals by optimizing resources and methods. We call CGIT to this process, and we recommend to follow this 6 steps to achieve it:


Finally, you can find all these premises in automated tools specifically designed to achieve optimal levels of operations. Based on COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technologies) / ITIL standards, IT Operations Management tools represent an intelligent option to optimize your business operations.


Then, in short:  

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2, 3 and 4. Sources in Spanish. Translation: GB Advisors, Inc.

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