Find out how FreedomPop, an international mobile phone company, was able to streamline and optimize its customer service system by acquiring and learning to use the full potential of Freshdesk. All this with GB Advisors guidance.

The Company: FreedomPop

FreemdomPop is a company dedicated to providing services that include 4G mobile telephony, wireless internet, home broadband, among others. Since its foundation in 2012, FreemdomPop has focused on offering an innovative business model that allows its customers to obtain good quality telecommunications services at very low prices.

Created in 2012 in California, United States It currently operates in several countries including the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

The problem: An outdated tool

Being a company so closely linked to a sector engaged to permanent technological innovation, such as telecommunications, it is natural that for FreemdomPop one of its main priorities was to remain at the forefront in terms of its tools. That is why the difficulty of seeing that the main customer service tool of its headquarters in Mexico was obsolete, became a challenge.

Added to this, we have the fact that the company needed a high-quality software also to comply with the regulations established in Mexico regarding mobile phone services, which require the company to use management and follow-up tools for the cases that users report.

The problem of counting on a discontinued software and the need to continue complying with Mexican law made the search for a new tool for customer service a priority for the company.

The solution: An enhanced customer service system adapted to the company's needs

FreemdomPop knew they needed new customer service software, but where to find the best option? After conducting a search, their team came up with an excellent alternative, Freshdesk. As Freshdesk's premier partner in Latin America, GB Advisors provided FreemdomPop with all the support they needed to efficiently implement and leverage Freshdesk.

GB Advisors' team offered step-by-step advice so that FreedomPop could successfully integrate Freshdesk into their systems, and also adapt the functionality of this tool to the current needs of their business.

Thanks to this support and to Freshdesk's omnichannel platform, FreemdomPop was able to integrate different communication channels such as email, Facebook, Twitter and chat in order to centralize all customer requests in the same interface, regardless of the source channel where they were generated. This allowed them to gain agility and efficiency in resolving tickets and made it easier for them to access all user-related information. In addition, thanks to this tool they were able to achieve compliance with Mexican authorities' regulations, which helped them to guarantee their lawfulness and reliability as a company.


According to FreedomPop this new system simplified the process of assisting users who contact them and provided greater comfort and effectiveness to the support team when carrying out their activities.

FreedomPop representatives also stated the following: "The experience with GB Advisors has been enriching. Thanks to their support we were able to make a smoother and easier transition, their implementation was faster than we expected".

From the team perspective, Gb Advisors and Freshdesk met their expectations. According to them, it has been very easy to adapt their processes to the software. Without a doubt, the tool's user-friendly interface and the usefulness of its functionalities, along with the support of GB Advisors' team of professionals; represented the help they needed to modernize their customer service system and offer a better service.

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