Bomgar evolves into BeyondTrust: Better Secure Access Solutions


In October 2018, Bomgar acquired BeyondTrust to strengthen its leading secure access solutions. These two ITsec giants merge to ensure the largest portfolio of software for the defense and secure management of corporate networks.


Nowadays, both firms operate under the name of BeyondTrust. Consequently, customers can deploy the most complete pack of products on privileged credential management, remote access sessions and end-point; as well as scalable vulnerability solutions in IO environments, cloud, network devices, servers and more.

Here, we outline the key points of this alliance and its benefits for small, medium and large companies.


An adequate Privileged Access Management (PAM) can solve most security holes in vertical enterprises. In this regard, BeyondTrust offers unified resources to avoid risky situations such as stolen credentials, excessive management rights on endpoints, and insecure remote access paths.

Similarly, BeyondTrust has flexible designs that simplify the work of users. At the same time, its intelligent features speed up software implementation time, improve IT staff productivity, avoid the accumulation of dark data and maximize security investments.

Better Secure Access Solutions

BeyondTrust protects corporate digital assets with comprehensive tools that detect and prevent security breaches. As a result, these solutions control the access practices of all types of users, especially those with special permissions, suppliers and other external collaborators.

soluciones de acceso seguro

In the same way, IT staff can reduce risks and simplify privileged access management implementations.

On the other hand, it promotes the implementation of compliance protocols over system modifications; and guarantees the consolidation of costs throughout the organization.

BeyondTrust solutions are classified as:

BeyondTrust para Privileged Access Management (PAM)

This Gartner leader in PAM solutions enables the execution of holistic strategies for the secure usage of all accesses at the administrator level.

  • Privileged password and session management

Reinforce privileged user inventories with an automated discovery system. In fact, companies can identify and scan all assets and applications with auto-onboarding accounts and take preventative action on potential vulnerabilities.

In the same way, secure access integrations also monitor each user’s activities in real time; as well as clean embedded scripts, files, and passwords to close any gateway to the most vital platforms. On the other hand, it offers a module for key rotation and access scheduling based on context (device, location, date and time).

  • Endpoint privilege management

Reduce the risks of privilege abuse on Microsoft Windows, Windows servers, macOS, Unix, Linux, IoT, and another devices. With this solution, you can increase administrator rights on required applications; while restricting access to other areas of the systems and eliminating shared credentials without interfering with the work of developers.

Besides, you can grant permissions only to the most reliable software and scripts when working inside your servers. As a result, this ensures the compliance and health of the entire digital infrastructure.

  • Privileged remote access


If you have a remote team, it is essential to monitor its activities in real time to prevent information theft and malicious modifications, as well as SLA non-compliance.

For this reason, BeyondTrust allows you to create accesses for suppliers without having to include them in the company’s VPNs. At the same time, with the injection of credentials and SIEM integrations, you can create hybrid and safe environments to facilitate the work of your technicians.

BeyondTrust for Vulnerability Management

Identify, prioritize and remedy weaknesses in your systems. BeyondTrust’s vulnerability manager constantly scans infrastructure assets, contextualizes incidents, and automatically executes specific mitigation standards.

  • End-to-end management

Record the lifecycle of all vulnerabilities. From assessment to  mitigation. In this way, you avoid the superposition of multiple solutions to address the risks in the systems; as well as it allows you to acquire a complete knowledge on the most intelligent steps to follow to prevent the appearance of new weaknesses.

  • Full coverage

This solution evaluates any IT resource in the organization. The BeyondTrust scanner quickly detects network, web, mobile, cloud, and virtual machine infrastructures, reducing the risk of unprotection.

  • Contextualized risks

This functionality provides detailed information about the risks and their priority level. In this way, effective decisions can be made by implementing holistic approaches to the company’s security measures. In addition, the system keeps contextualized records of all critical flanks such as: regular and privileged users, SIEM, firewalls and another security solutions.

  • Intelligent Analytics

It offers you a dashboard with interactive analysis and detailed reports. The centralized information ensures to all company’s members automatic metrics and suggestions. As a result, each report generated can be used in both technical and non-technical departments.

Audit Software

beyondtrustAudit of changes of systems in Windows environments. This software works in parallel with PAM solutions. In this way, you can monitor the progress of administrators within platforms and instantly restore accidental or malicious modifications.

It has an alert system that captures suspicious behavior. It also audits and sorts information from native files, SQL servers, and business email addresses.




The new BeyondTrust has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in Gartner. According to customer and vendor reviews, these are the main advantages of using these PAM and IAM solutions:

1. Customer Support

BeyondTrust stands out for its highly customer satisfaction. The support teams provide all the necessary documentation to facilitate the usage of the tools. We can also highlights its speed in handling requests and reviewing incidents.

2. Flexible pricing

Highly reliable solutions at reasonable prices. BeyondTrust’s pricing plans are tailored to the needs and size of each company. In this respect, the solutions can help companies from the earliest stages of their growth.

3. Easily integrates with other systems

PAM, IAM and vulnerability management tools can be connected to the most common resources in IT departments such as: Service Desk, CRM, ITSM, password vault, and multi-factorial solutions.

4. Coverage of different platforms

You can execute PAM and IAM management strategies on corporate resources such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also lets you run BeyondTrust’s solutions on Virtual Machines, Cloud environments, and another devices.

GB Advisors is an official partner of BeyondTrust. We offer premium support, installation and consulting packages. Our process complements the support of this Secure Access Software with version updates, configuration, immediate attention to requests and customization. Contact us for more information.

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