Why Nessus Network Monitor is Key for Tenable

Nessus Network Monitor

Gb Advisors acknowledges the great importance of keeping track of threats and exposures in your networks and infrastructure. Due to this, we are glad to announce a recent advance achieved by Tenable, one of our renowned partners in Vulnerability Management.

Nessus Network Monitor, protect your assets anywhere, anytime

Nessus Network MonitorWith the goal of surpassing its own accomplishments, Nessus Passive Vulnerability Scanner renewed as Nessus Network Monitor to bring upgraded features that guarantee a safer and steadier way to review and inspect your systems.

This newer version of PVS™ provides more benefits which extend to different departments since Nessus Network Monitor is able to find outages and from IT to operations without leaving any blind spots. Besides, it beats all competitors’ monitoring products by identifying weaknesses across multiple technologies, such as: phones, tablets, databases, network devices, hypervisors, operating systems, cloud applications and critical infrastructure.

Some of the most relevant features of Nessus Network Monitor include:

  • Boosted OT support: such as asset discovery and protocol detection for passively monitoring ICS, SCADA systems and others.


  • Real- time scanning and immediate response to potential security exposures in new or unmanaged assets.Nessus Network Monitor


  • Continuous monitoring in proliferation of devices, virtualized systems and cloud services.


  • Suspicious traffic identification in all interactive and encrypted network sessions.


  • Data flow monitoring in and out of the cardholder data environment.


  • Identification of undocumented data flows, particularly of unencrypted payment card information.


  • Two-level performance for small network segments (1 Gbps ) and a configuration of 10 Gbps for higher-performance centers and points.


  • Network, web and FTP activities monitoring through direct analysis of the packet stream.

Nessus Network Monitor, a non-intrusive solution for Vulnerability Management

Nessus Network Monitor


Nessus Network Monitor is a must-have tool for businesses that are willing to protect their information and assets from any risks. Along with other products like™ and Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View, this new solution becomes a powerful shield to fully increase visibility and threatens identification from any type of devices as soon as they connect to your network.


When it comes to digital security, we are the right ones to help you let us contact you for a high-quality assessment in Vulnerability Management.

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