ServiceNow Express

ServiceNow Express

Is a simplified version for IT Service Management under ITIL standards. ServiceNow Express allows you to monitor and control every process in your company from an unified platform hosted in The Cloud.

ServiceNow Express gives you greater visibility over your company’s day-to-day activities in a condensed software. ServiceNow Express is equipped with the functions you need to manage processes in every stage. It also counts with all the professionalism, quality and backup you already know from ServiceNow.

What advantages offers ServiceNow Express? What makes ServiceNow Express so attractive and effective for your company’s governance?

Five words: Reasonable prices and process abbreviation.  ServiceNow Express is here to simplify your Resource Management and Process Monitoring while giving you the highest service quality, at the most affordable price.




servicenow express

Manage your Business from everywhere with ServiceNow Express


ServiceNow Express is a Cloud-based software for IT Service Management with ITIL standards, designed to meet the requirements of Small and Medium-sized Industries. These industries need greater adaptability and flexibility to manage complex processes with special features from virtual environments.

Small and Medium-Sized Industries face their own challenges, necessities and budgetary restrictions. ServiceNow Express is the best choice for them because it gathers Incident & Problem Management, Knowledge Management and Change Management in a virtual platform to make easier your corporate governance at the most competitive price.


Incident & Problem Management

Generates Knowledge Base and Protocols in your IT Infrastructure to efficiently manage and solve Incidents & Problems


Knowledge Management

Access to your Knowledge Base,  transfer and apply operative tactics from  everywhere to solve incidents and problems


Change Management

Change brings new opportunities. Anticipate, capitalize, transform them, and thrive on changes

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CMDB & Asset Management

Track every asset in your company throughout their life-cycle. Create notifications and alerts for inventory control.


Basic Report Generation

Compiles Management Reports and other reports to help you to detect areas for improvement


Pre-configured Workflows

Save time and energy when creating workflows for your company with templates based on ITIL processes


Virtual Boards

Cloud-Based, friendly and attractive, they allow you to access from any device, everywhere


Basic Automatization of Servers

Synchronize and manage your protocols, Libraries and Directories to optimize Task and Processes

Installation, Tech Support and Renewals for ServiceNow Express

Premium Service Package for additional support on ServicesNow Express

The package consists of access to specialized technicians to work any additional requests of support that is not included in the current continuous software support. This support complements ServicesNow Express standard support with version upgrades, configuration, advice, implementations and knowledge transfer.

installing premium services gb advisors

Installing Services

Our certified staff provides basic configurations tailored to our customers at the time of its deployment in its final location, also including with the basic configurations to adapt the platform to the use of each client.

configuration services premium


Our certified staff can help to configure and adapt the platform to the specific use of each client, in order to obtain the best performance from Servicenow.

personalization services


We offer customization services, adapting the functionality and appearance of our products to the individual specifications of each installation.

80premium-support40premium-support 24premium-support

The customer has up to a maximum number of support hours available for one year which can be consumed at least in blocks of 1 hour per request, until the total amount of hours purchased are consumed.  We have available additional Premium Support Packages for 24, 40, and 80 hours.

Nessus Tenable - GB Advisors partner

Since 2004 GB Advisors has specialized in the development of integral technical solutions to solve business problems. We are an International Authorized Partner and Re-Seller for ServicesNow Express in the American Continent. We currently serve customers in most countries of Central America, South America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Countries like Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela, Caribbean, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Island, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Marteen, St. Kitts, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks & Caicos, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

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