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marketing teamYour marketing team is an important part of your company, just like every other department because all the parts of your business need to work together with integration, sharing common goals that will lead to overall success for everyone. 

 Accomplishing the integration in your company can be easier than you think when you have the right tools to support your back.  


From campaign planning to content creation, customer research and hosting events; marketing teams have fast-paced, highly-varied workloads. 

That’s why you need all your information to be up to date and your communications to be consistent. If any of these fails it will reflect on your business.  

There’s no reason to panic, because there are many great options to choose from if you want your marketing team to give you outstanding results.  

For example, a Project Management software gives you an overview of all your marketing activities. And enables you to collaborate and manage tasks on different projects and campaigns. Schedule resources on different projects based on their availability and monitor time spent and return on investment on marketing projects. 

 Yes, a project management software is a great solution, but how can you know which one is the best and which one is what your marketing team needs

  Let us present you that solution. 

  Why your marketing team will work better with Teamwork 

1. It helps you execute a better marketing strategy  

As with any strategy, putting it into practice takes a lot of work: there are tons of programs, projects, and tasks to be completed. All supported by their own processes and systems. 

In order to meet your strategy, you need a way of tracking everything. Using a project management tool allows you to keep track of your everyday tasks with real-life deadlines.  

With the right tool, you can break these tasks into subtasks, with different owners and dependencies as necessary, until you’ve outlined a clear path towards your goals. 


 marketing teamFor example, maybe your team goal is a new product launch. To do this, you might break the project down into several smaller sub-projects.  

Such as website development, branding and design, PR, and content creation, each with their own timelines and deliverables.  




A project management software like Teamwork helps you work towards your goals.  

It also helps with overall team alignment, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same thing and that each individual knows what they should be prioritizing daily in order to meet these said goals.  


2. It Improves Accountability & Transparency 

When your project has a lot of moving parts, you need to make sure you have extra clarity on who does what. You don’t want to micromanage your team, but you do want to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and knows how their individual work contributes to the overall team goals. 

Having a clear project owner, and clearly assigned tasks removes any confusion. When everyone on your team is aware of who is responsible for what, they know exactly who to go to for project- or task-specific queries.  

This frees them to communicate directly with each other to solve their own problems. Plus it removes the need for constant managerial hand-holding and time-consuming approval processes.  

Having all of your project and campaign data in one place also makes it easier for managers to get a more complete perspective on their teams’ progress.  

Teamwork gives you quick visual updates on where everything stands, what’s due, what’s overdue and how many tasks are assigned to each user.  


 3. It Simplifies Managing Documents 

 Having one place to store all of your important documents and house all conversations around those documents means that you’ll always know where to look for the most up to date version of your critical files. As well as any relevant decisions and action points surrounding them.  

Consistency is essential. Having one single source  is important, not only during the reviewing and approval processes, but afterwards too.  

A project management tool like Teamwork helps your marketing team to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. That outdated copy and designs don’t end up in places they shouldn’t be; and that everyone can collaborate to make the final decision.


4. It Lets You Securely Collaborate with Clients 

 marketing teamA marketing team in particular work with so many outside influences, it’s extra important to prioritize privacy settings when choosing your software. 

That way, each user can be given their own tailored set of permissions, but can still have access to everything they need to constructively contribute and collaborate with the team.  


The same goes for clients. Keeping them involved throughout the process is an essential component of creating an end product that they’ll love.  


Teamwork lets you collaborate as easily with clients as you do with your own team.  

Managing your marketing team work in a project management tool can radically transform your team’s efficiency and effectiveness. By documenting and defining your workflows, simplifying your processes, and having a single system to record all of your work, your team can quickly see long-lasting improvements and their impact.  

Teamwork is the software suite that works together to make work more efficient. It provides you with improved collaboration, seamless communication, and faster project delivery. 

Gb Advisors offers you the state-of-the-art technology you deserve. Over 400 clients around the world certify the quality of our services. Are you ready to give your business the perfect solution for its needs? Contact us.  

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