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The biggest challenge for remote work is not being in the same physical space that your coworkers or employees. With the Covid-19 contingency,  it’s more important than ever to be able to track your project’s progress, especially if your business is struggling to stay afloat.   



There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to track your project’s progress or see which tasks you should be focusing on. Certainly, just because your employees are in different places; doesn’t mean that your work has to be all over the place as well.  

Thanks to technology we have many tools to choose from that offer us everything we need to work with the same level of productivity even remotely.  

Physical distance is not an obstacle anymore.  

The only thing you need to succeed in remote working is one shared central place for all of your work that allows you to quickly assess who’s working on what, and discuss work in context.  This is a project management tool.   

With your employees being isolated from each other you need to provide them with a tool that enables everything they can need to do their job, and that’s exactly what a project management tool is for. 

Why you need a project management tool?

A huge benefit of a project management tool is the ability to seamlessly collaborate across your company. In addition to your team members and external collaborators such as clients, vendors, and stakeholders as well.  

Most importantly your employees are able to see where their tasks fit into the bigger picture of the project and what everyone else is working on.   

Using a centralized project management software, minimizes the need for meetings with all the members of your company and even with the external collaborators; because above all you’re providing them with all the information, updates and status of the work in real-time. Plus it only takes a few seconds to share the proper information with anyone, anywhere at any time.  

Track your team’s productivity 

For many teams, tracking time spent on tasks is required to monitor productivity. When time tracking is built-in to the task management software, the team is much more likely to adopt it because they don’t have to download any additional apps. 


project management


A  project management tool centralizes communication and collaboration.  



You can easily comment on tasks and projects to communicate quickly with all your employees and clients without the need for long email chains. 

Document and file sharing is another crucial element for collaboration and communication. When you use a project management tool that allows you to centralize your file sharing, it’s much easier to find exactly what you need to work on each task and project. 

 A project management tool not only gives you the ability to assign tasks to team members quickly; but also allows you to monitor their progress and reassign resources as needed to get the work done faster. 

When you have a project management software remote work becomes so much simpler. Thanks to the collaboration, communication, file sharing, budget tracking, time tracking, and delegation features.  

Introducing Teamwork 

Teamwork is a project management tool that helps in-house & remote teams improve collaboration, visibility, accountability and ultimately results. 

Teamwork allows you to: 

  • Deliver projects faster 

Project management is about more than just getting the work done. It’s about delivering impactful results for your business. 

  • Work together, seamlessly 

Make it easy for everyone to see what projects they’re working on. Communicate with their team, and plan what comes next wherever they are. 

  • Automate project workflows 

However, you like to work, whichever project management methodology you prefer, Teamwork helps you to do it better. 

In addition, Teamwork has 4 powerful features that give you everything you need for remote work  

Teamwork chat 

Is an instant messaging tool that allows your team to communicate seamlessly no matter where your employees are working from. This way you can build communication into your workflow across your organization. No matter what team or department you’re working with, you can get quick answers to your queries. 

Board view  

Use boards to see the flow of tasks and activities and get a fuller representation of your project’s scope. Boards not only help you to picture your workflow better; but they can also change the way you think about work in the first place.  

 No matter what methodology you use: Scrum, Kanban, or your own unique approach, boards are built to support you, so you can work your way.

You get full visibility over the logistics of your project and see your task progress through the process in real-time. 



project management



Automate repetitive work and maintain consistency across Teamwork projects by easily spinning up best practice project templates and tailoring them to your needs.



Simplify workflows and reduce errors by using prepopulated templates. As a result, your team will know that every eventuality has been accounted for from previous experience. Enable your team to do their best work by giving them access to a library of pre-approved project templates to kick off their project on a high note. 


Get an instant overview of team capacity, make informed resourcing decisions and easily reassign work between people with Workload. You will ensure your projects have enough resources to meet their deadlines, and have the flexibility to shift priorities.  

Rely on real and easily accessible data to determine which team members are operating under capacity and available to take on more work. Plus, you can quickly re-assign work and add project resources to balance workload with a simple drag and drop function. 

Are you ready to try this remote work solution? Already over 20.000 companies trust in Teamwork and you can be the next.  

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