Why is customer onboarding so important?

customer onboarding

customer onboardingDoes your company have a customer onboarding strategy? If the answer is no you need to read this asap. If the answer is yes you can read it as well for valuable information about optimizing this process. 

Customer onboarding is key for your company’s success. Why? because it is the first stage of the customer experience once they begin using your products or services.


It’s what defines the relationship between a person and a brand, and as we mentioned before the goal that every company must reach is having long-lasting relationships with their customers. 

Once the customer has made the purchase you have the obligation of providing everything he can possibly need: from orientation to training. This depends on your product or service type, but the important part is that you don’t let your customer alone. 

Maybe your product meets the client needs perfectly but is the onboarding process that fails, and this is a big reason for losing a customer. Remember that you’re selling more than an item, you’re selling a whole experience. 

With a good customer onboarding strategy, you will improve customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction.   

Customer experience is sustained in different elements, working together. Part of these elements are the different departments of your company, from sales and marketing to customer support. They must integrate in order to provide a consistent experience for every one of your customers.  

Your job is making things easier for your customers, an ideal onboarding process is simple and straightforward. If customers notice complications, delays, or lack of interest from your company they will leave. 

Customers love feeling noticed. If you show them attention and make sure that they stay on track during the onboarding process you will exceed their expectations from the beginning. 

Many companies do have an onboarding strategy; but have many mistakes on the way, these are some of the 3 most common ones. 


customer onboarding1. The customer support department is not well trained.

When new clients arrive they need all the support they can get. Even if they ask it or not, your customer support team has to show constant availability to answer all their questions.



Knowing how to communicate in an effective way is a key factor between your company and its customers. A big part of customer support is providing tips, training and the best practices for a customer can enjoy all the benefits that your product or service has. 

Having open communication from the start will improve the whole customer experience. 


2. Your product or service doesn’t have anything special. 

There are many reasons that lead to a customer choosing your product over the rest. The point here is that even after the purchase is done, you still need to show that your product is valuable. All the customers expect to receive the very best. 

The longer-term value is what will make the big difference between what you offer. 


3. You’re not following up 

The purchase is made, the customer is onboarded successfully and you’re done. No, it’s not like that, remember that customer experience is supposed to go for the longest. If you stop after the sale is made there’s a big chance that the customer won’t come back. 

Keep in mind that while you offer a more personalized experience, your customers will be more likely to stay. Don’t wait until they reach out for assistance, and always take the lead in communication.   

customer onboarding


A bad customer onboarding will cost you losing 75% of your new customers.   




Customer onboarding is not hard at all, because is the confirmation your customers get of doing the right thing by choosing you. They already have your product, but that’s not enough. Your product is indispensable and it adapts to that customer’s unique needs. That constant reminder of not only the good quality of what you are offering but also of obtaining all the extra value on it. 

By showing your customers that you really care about them you will make sure they maintain their relationship with your company. Thanks to this here’s a very big chance they will recommend your company to others. 

If you provide your customers with a good product, plus the best experience and attention they had; there are no reasons for them going anywhere else. 

They already know you enough to buy your products, all you have to do is keep them happy.  Customer retention is what follows customer onboarding. These customers are the ones you want with you in order to keep your business growing. 

In other words, understanding your customer needs and having the proper solutions will help you tailor their onboarding experience and goals.

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