6 advantages of using Teamwork for IT project management

Planning is a fundamental element in the execution of projects of any kind. However, only 10% of companies manage to implement agile approaches to strategic management.

gestión de proyectos tecnológicos

There are many problems that companies have to face in this area, especially technological ones. One of them is the silos generated due to the usage of different applications to manage each aspect of the work.

Another issue is the lack of clear information within the company, as well as the confidentiality of the data during the project execution processes.

Fortunately, there are tools capable of centralizing and controlling the key aspects of each task within the company. With Teamwork, we have seen considerable improvements in the Time Management of our teams and their responsiveness to problems. For this reason, we have decided to recommend this solution to you.

Teamwork: Collaborate, plan and get results

Teamwork is a project management software that provides access to the overview of each process. This software makes it easy for everyone to see what they are working on and what the next steps are. This is possible because it offers a variety of functions that optimize collaboration, save time and effort.

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In addition, internal and external collaboration takes shape because the tool facilitates communication between team members, through public tasks, timelines, and chats.

This is especially useful for IT project management, where total synchronization of different departments and the resolution of tickets in record time are essential.

It allows you to obtain updates on the most critical tasks and access their development at each stage. While your team achieves the partial objectives, the tool readjusts the complete list of tasks.

If you think about the results, Teamwork allows you to confirm the completion of all the phases of projects. In addition, the platform has a wide variety of tools to successfully achieve system administration.

Why use Teamwork for IT project management?

IT project management requires control of practices and standards. For this reason, the advantages of Teamwork constitute the best argument for the implementation of this tool.

# 1 Facilitates the execution of agile methodologies

Nowadays, agile methodologies are essential in technological projects to avoid development errors, bugs, vulnerabilities, and inadequate UX. However, to execute these approaches, you need flexible, self-managed, multidisciplinary and highly communicative tools.

In this respect, Teamwork has a user-friendly interface, task lists for short sprints, milestone development, as well as deadline management, mobile adaptability, and a live message center.

# 2 Integrations and Apps

It allows you to integrate development and technical support tools within a software suite. This helps reduce workload and generate scalable results.

gestión de proyectos tecnológicos

In this way, Teamwork can be synchronized with popular CMS solutions, Help Desk, invoices, and email management.

This allows you to keep track of the work being done at any time.

In addition, you can see how much time each team member has allocated to their tasks and what bandwidth is available.

# 3 Keeping the data safe

With this tool, the company's data is secure thanks to end-to-end encryption of a single database and double authentication. Thus, only authorized persons have access and online collaboration is simplified.

The security configurations make discretionary use of information, which avoids uncomfortable situations. In other words, not everyone has access to all the information but it favors the free work of employees and collaborators. On the other hand, the tool also allows filtering and grouping elements which optimizes the search for information.

# 4 Monitor your team's progress

IT project management benefits from the use of Teamwork due to the short training time required by this platform. In this sense, managers can easily implement it to their day-to-day. In addition, they can have visibility on the movements of the work team, which favors transparency protocols and SLA. As a result, equipment monitoring takes less time, it is minimally invasive, as well as totally discreet.

# 5 Prioritization of tasks

gestión de proyectos tecnológicos

Teamwork assigns tasks to improve productivity and set daily and weekly priorities as projects progress.

This platform provides a single location for all activities, materials, and communications in IT project management. All of these factors generate positive results for the company.

# 6 Simplify workflows

IT project management requires process automation at every level. By using Teamwork, documents, information, and tasks are passed from one team member to another according to pre-established rules.

In order to optimize technological projects, it is necessary to prioritize interdepartmental communication. In this way, with Teamwork, everyone is kept up to date and can give a quick response to the demands of the moment.

Undoubtedly, this platform is also a resource for the development and general growth of technology companies from the standardization and constant review of employee performance.

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