PCMag: Trend Micro Total Security in the 2017 Top 5 Best Security Suites

Recently, we have welcomed our new partner Trend Micro Total Security. Now, we are extremely pleased that PC Mag values and positions this brand on the Top 5 Best Total Security Suites. This is the reason why we want to share PC Mag’s impressions with you.


In the corresponding comparative analysis, we find this valuable information:

Closing the top 5 on integral security suites, we find the brand Trend Micro. With decades of experience in IT Security, this company presents a product with 3 particular features: multi-device, high efficiency antivirus scanner engine, and fantastic price-quality ratio. (…)

You can check the rest of its protective layers in the table, but the solution has absolutely everything. As value added, we highlight 1) its own secure browser; 2) free password manager; and 3) anti-theft security. Its interface is the best we’ve proven because it displays the right amount of elements; so as not to frighten the new user and affecting performance. Even when it isn’t the best suite ever, it ensures fluidity in any device.  We are in front of a robust suite that has no weak spots.


Trend Micro Total SecurityAdditionally, PCMag corroborates what we’d already known: Trend Micro Total Security is a complete and robust solution for comprehensive protection that is superior than many similar others.


Also, Trend Micro Total Security condenses all the benefits of security suites that also protect data. In other words, it includes anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-phishing filters; testing laboratories, firewall and malware blocking.


Why is Trend Micro Total Security on the Top 5 Security Suites for 2017?

From the comparative reading given by PCMag, we find the reasons why Trend Micro Total Security highlights this year:

Ransomware protection

In the first place; PCMag gives it excellent score in practical tests. It provides protection and highlights potentially dangerous links in search engines and social networks. Also, it includes anti-spam filter and enhances firewalls. Additionally, it offers a hotline to help customers and individuals without licenses.

Stars: 4/5


Anti-malware blocking

Secondly; Trend Micro Total Solution simplifies malware identification and removal in a single final pop-up that offers a link to give more details. It also deploys quickly and it doesn’t interfere with the resource consumption.

Stars: 3/5


Excellent anti-phishing protection

Following; it proved high efficiency in anti-phishing protection, even with those threats too new to be previously analyzed and placed in blacklist. Equally, it was capable to expel attacks in different browsers without any problems.

Stars: 5/5


Social Media Protection

By the same token, it counts with a very simple and easily to understand system that detects malicious sites and links that may be infected or be fraudulent. It rates URLs and certificates with grades and colors: Green for sure; yellow for iffy; red for dangerous and gray to indicate that it hasn’t been tested.

Stars: 3/5


Firewall booster and Anti-spam filter

On the one hand and in spite of not including firewall on its solution, Trend Micro Total Security equally offers an enhancer that has proven to work very well. This booster is especially good detecting botnets.


On the other hand, it’s usual that nowadays’ email service providers include anti-spam filters. However, Trend Micro Total Security prefer not to follow the trend and including spam filter in its antivirus.

Stars: 4/5


Finally, here we bring a list of solutions and services that have earned to Trend Micro Total Security its winning star in the Top 5 Security Suites for 2017:


  • Comprehensive protection against viruses and threats
  • Anti-spam solutions
  • Hosted Email Security
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Deep Discovery
  • Email Encryption
  • Endpoint Encryption
  • Enterprise Security for Endpoints
  • Threat Management System
  • Multi-device protection, extended to mobile devices and other OS
  • Backup Cloud
  • Remote Security management
  • System Optimizer and private tracks wiping
  • Password Manager


Protect your assets and data networks in one powerful solution; and profit all the expertise we provide to invest your time in more productive activities. What’s better than counting on the experts’ advice?

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