Tenable and ServiceNow: Advantages of this alliance for digital security in 2019


Tenable and ServiceNowLess than a year ago, Tenable and ServiceNow joined forces to offer a comprehensive solution in terms of digital security. With this collaboration, these companies established the goal of reducing the cybersecurity issue gap.

To give you an update, we have decided to list some of the opportunities and advantages that this alliance represents for enterprises.

Tenable and ServiceNow: A strategic alliance

Tenable and ServiceNowThe unstoppable wave of digital transformation has led Tenable and ServiceNow to consider the future challenges of cyber risk.  Since the progress towards free internet access also generates technological complexities for organizations, they agreed to set an integration based on the needs for methods to streamline, simplify and to visualize better the threats of digital security.

To achieve this, they promoted a solution to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in a more timely manner. This solution is possible, with continuous evaluation and the discovery of resources such as IoT, IT and the cloud.

This deepening of exposure helps reduce cyber risk comprehensively and corrects critical points while prioritizing business assets.

Tenable and ServiceNow: Advantages of this collaboration

Tenable and ServiceNowThe dynamics of the digital transformation brought by the strategic alliance between Tenable and ServiceNow also has a great impact on the decision making of big and small companies, and how to face their problems quickly, simply and at the lowest possible cost.

Customers who have come to the use of this new platform reported certain advantages such as:

  • A leading solution in the market that offers better network performance and security without compromising the readiness of resources.
  • More timely detection of threats to digital security through greater visibility, SSL encryption and access to virtual, physical and cloud infrastructure traffic.
  • It provides scalability, performance, and protection as a consequence of security and prevention measures in corporate networks.
  • Reduce network downtime due to scheduled or unexpected interruptions due to equipment failures or maintenance.  

The Tenable SecurityCenter

Tenable and ServiceNowWith the support of ServiceNow, Tenable’s SecurityCenter platform is the only vulnerability management software for emerging technologies. This includes configuration, continuous monitoring, real-time compliance management capabilities for virtual systems, mobile devices, cloud services, and social applications.

As experts advisors in IT solutions, we trust that the Tenable and ServiceNow alliance will continue to set the tone for this 2019 on the topic of cybersecurity. If you want to know more options to keep your company protected, contact us.

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