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5 Essential software for medium-sized companies

software para medianas empresas

Entering the threshold of medium-sized companies is an achievement that only a few startups are fortunate enough to experience. But with corporate growth, come other challenges that test the strategic mettle of organizations.

Definitely, this is a complex task that requires the right personnel and tools to ensure the profitability and sustainability of the business.


In this sense, having adequate technological resources is essential to building the structure of the company. For this reason, we decided to share with you a compilation of software for medium-sized companies that you should consider integrating as soon as possible to your business.

Technology, a pillar for business sustainability

Before you think about expanding your suite of digital tools; you must take into account the main weaknesses of your company. This way, it will be easier to find the software that best suits your current situation.

These are the main obstacles that SMBs face during their growth stage:

  • Uncoordinated work teams

In small businesses, work teams tend to handle daily pressure well and they often do it satisfactory results. However, as the business grows, tasks accumulate and expectations rise; many employees lose their direction and department leaders may find it difficult to synchronize efforts.

In this way, companies begin to fall down a spiral of inefficiency and lack of labor organization. This undoubtedly has a direct impact on the quality of products or services, as well as shortening the Customer Life Time Value (CLTV).

  • Deficient operational processes

5 software para medianas empresas

Operational processes are the core of any company. For this reason, it is important to establish productivity and execution parameters according to organizational needs.

However, many operations managers in growing companies face a major challenge: the standardization of backend processes and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).



At this point, the manager must not only face a long list of processes that need to be restructured but must also monitor all the departmental teams to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of their clients and compliance with new regulations.

  • Follow-up of clients and vendors

Maintaining customers and partners is another major barrier to the sustainability of SMBs. Logically, as income increases, responsibilities to customers and suppliers multiply. This can be difficult to control without a trained team or enough staff.

As a result, you could find dissatisfied customers and external collaborators who gradually begin to shift their commitments to the company.

  • Lack of innovation

software para pymes

Fear of change. Organizational growth is an evolutionary process that requires new approaches and implementations.

When this does not happen, the chances of success are greatly reduced. This is especially dangerous for technology companies, which must be open to new resources, proposals, and alliances.



  • Neglecting the marketing function

Marketing can be expensive. However, it is a more than necessary investment to improve brand positioning, build consumer loyalty and acquire new customers. For this reason, assing few tools and funds for its development can seriously stall the growth of the company.

Identifying your main weakness will help you implement the most critical software to eliminate your company’s silos.

5 types of software needed in medium-sized businesses

Tools for monitoring and management can become the guardians of your financial assets and the stability of your company. At the same time, they reduce your employees’ workload and prevent money leaks due to inadequate processes or non-compliance with protocols.

Let’s see which are the most recommended software for medium-sized companies:

# 1 Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

This is a mandatory software for medium-sized companies. Without it, you will hardly be able to close deals effectively and understand the pain points of your potential customers. The CRM ideal is a centralized platform that can manage communications and execute e-mail campaigns, as well as facilitate the sales pipeline through statistics and monitoring.

It is advisable to choose a tool capable of tracking the path of prospects; and promote the cross-department work between sales and marketing.

# 2 Collaboration Software

Software for medium-sized companies must eliminate communication problems to strengthen interdepartmental work. With an unified collaboration tool, your employees can move synchronously to solve front-end problems in record time. This translates into happy customers and a high loyalty rate.

The integrations of this type of programs are easy to use. It is very possible that your team has already used them in separate environments such as: ticketing system, chat rooms, project management, and more.

# 3 Web conversion tool

This software has a fundamental role in every marketing department. By using it, your team gets key information about the behavior of prospects on the company’s website. In this way, lead generation strategies can be better targeted and the architecture of landing pages can be optimized.

These tools include heat maps, tunnel conversion analysis, content editor, and A/B tests.

# 4 Process automation

software para medianas empresas pymes

Are you worried about protocol compliance? With this software for medium-sized companies, you can control the quality of your internal processes through the automation of daily tasks.

This resource makes it possible to streamline the workflows of any platform or department. It also guarantees the prioritization of actions and offers predictive statistics that favor strategic planning.

# 5 Vulnerability exposure

How secure are your files and other digital assets? Cyber-exposure platforms help companies detect potential vulnerabilities and take preventive action. In addition, these tools are capable of working 24 hours a day in multi-platform environments and facilitate error mitigation. This way, your small IT team will be more productive than ever.

At GB Advisors, we have the best software for medium-sized companies in different sectors such as technology, education, finance, health and more. Contact us to enhance the productive capacity of your company.

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