Remote assistance: 5 reasons to boost your Help Desk through this service

Remote AssistanceEnsuring a completely satisfying user experience is one of the most important challenges facing businesses today. This is especially true given the new profile of the user, who has become more and more demanding and volatile. Fortunately, many organizations have been able to optimize their relationship with customers through a HelpDesk. But is it enough? How do you offer customers the level of availability and efficiency they expect? So easy, through remote assistance.


Technology has offered us an enormous range of possibilities. Why not take advantage of these possibilities to strengthen our brand and offer better services? Read on and find out why offering remote assistance can become the spearhead of creating happy customers.

The new HelpDesk

Traditionally, Help Desk has operated as an effective tool capable of helping customers access customer service through different channels such as email, telephone, web portal and chat.


Remote Assistance


This solution has enabled customer support teams to respond more quickly to user requests. Whether they have an immediate response or not, this tool gives them the ability to create tickets that can be assigned to the right professional in the organization. This represents a guarantee that all customer requirements will be met.



Through this tool, organizations have been able to find a more efficient way to:

  • Find solutions to various problems
  • Measure the performance of agents
  • Continuously improve the quality of service
  • Calculate priorities
  • Better establish their objectives.

However, despite all its advantages, there is still a resource that can make the HelpDesk even more advantageous… Remote assistance.

If you’re still not sure about integrating remote assistance as part of your services, we invite you to take a look at these powerful reasons to start using it.

5 reasons to boost your Help Desk with remote assistance 

A technical failure can occur unexpectedly at the most inopportune time. With this in mind, good customer service must always be prepared to serve a user in distress and respond in the best way. Obviously, physical and geographical limitations can make this task a challenge for companies. Fortunately, remote assistance is available to overcome these challenges.

This type of service allows the technical support team of any company to assist the user who requires it without the need for any displacement of the agent or customer. The only thing the support service must do is use a remote connection tool to meet the user’s requirements. Let’s see some of the reasons why this resource is so advantageous for Help Desk: 

#1 Improved response times 


Remote Assistance

Regardless of the customer’s location, any trained agent in the company can start the troubleshooting process from the very moment the user contacts technical support. This represents a great advantage because it speeds up the process and allows the organization to provide an immediate response to the requirements of its customers. 



#2 Multi-task support

Why invest time in solving only one ticket at a time, when through the right tool you can serve multiple users?  Thanks to remote assistance, the same technical support agent may be able to solve several cases at the same time. This results in increased efficiency and better resource management for the company. 

#3 Better problem detection and prevention strategies

Since remote assistance allows, among other things, direct access to the user’s computer, the agent can explore the system and identify the causes of the problem more easily. On this basis, the company can create knowledge databases that help agents and customers find the solution to a past problem more easily. 

#4 More knowledge for users


Remote Assistance

The remote assistance allows the user to observe in real time, all the procedures that the agent carries out within their systems. In this context, remote support represents a great opportunity for customers to learn how to solve future problems themselves. This gives users self-sufficiency and allows support teams to benefit by reducing their request load. 



#5 Non-Intrusive and Secure Support

Although a customer may need to give an urgent solution to some difficulty, he may not be as comfortable with the idea of receiving a stranger in his company or home. In addition, he may also be concerned about the agent’s access to private information. In this case the best way to offer peace of mind and trust to the client is through a remote assistance tool, which can allow him to verify at all times the performance of the agent within their systems. 

The best solutions have a solid security system that guarantees the absolute protection of customer data. Among these solutions, TeamViewer stands out for its efficiency and reliability. In addition to being highly useful, this tool offers users the possibility of integrating it with other high-tech solutions such as Freshdesk. To achieve the perfect combination between HelpDesk and remote support. 

Do you want more details about TeamViewer or other software solutions? Contact us now for more information. At GB Advisors we specialize in making your life and that of your clients easier through state-of-the-art tools. 


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