Rapid7 wins the Gartner Magic Quadrant recognition as a SIEM leader for 2020


Rapid7If there is something to consider essential in our digital world is Event Management. Thus you should always look for the best of the best when it comes to this aspect. That is why it is important to highlight that Rapid7 enters for the third time in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. This time with a remarkable advance; Rapid7 achieved the status of leader in the quadrant, this is its first time fulfilling this feat.

What is the Gartner Quadrant?

The Gartner Quadrant provides a framework for technology providers in a given space. According to the Gartner website, the purpose of this study is as follows:

What are the main competitors in the technology markets? How are they positioned to help you in the long term? A Magic Quadrant is the culmination of research in a specific market. This research provides a wide-angle view of the relative positions of market competitors. Applying this graphic treatment and set of evaluation criteria helps determine various factors. How well are suppliers executing their declared visions? How well are they performing compared to Gartner’s market vision?

Using a Gartner Magic Quadrant is an excellent way of evaluating technology providers. This is because it is an excellent mechanism to consider market challenges. Mainly those you could consider for a specific investment opportunity. For this and other reasons, these quadrants are an excellent reference guide. It all depends on how the supplier aligns with your business objectives. In the case of Rapid7, it is a specialized player that can meet your needs by being a market leader.

How do Quadrants work?

A Magic Quadrant provides a competitive graphic positioning of four technology providers. These types work according to the market’s growth. Whether it is high or the differentiation of suppliers is different. There are several criteria to follow:

  • Leaders or products perform well compared to their current vision.
  • They are well-positioned for the future.
  • They understand where the market is going or have the vision to change market rules.
  • Specialized suppliers successfully focus on a small segment.
  • Challenges run well today or can dominate a large segment.

Rapid7 in the SIEM Quadrant

InsightIDRIn the case of Rapid7, we are talking about the Quadrant for SIEM technology providers. This quadrant measures two important points. The integrity of the vision of the digital solution and its ability to execute live.

Currently, detection and response to threats are at the most challenging point. 63% of professionals believe security operations are more difficult than two years ago.

This is not surprising, because of the changing environments. Things like cloud systems or expanding attack surfaces. Assembly data, unmanageable alert volumes and a deficit of resources throughout the industry. Yet, some traditional SIEMs have not evolved. They don’t address this growing complexity in the area of ​​security. They contribute to these complexities; because of their low standards such as the delay of up to months in implementing patches. The use of tedious configurations and obsolete rules creates more administrative burdens.

Rapid7 stands out in this space as a competitive and fast-growing product. In their acceptance, they credit this achievement to their deep partnership with customers. This ensures that they create products that meet core needs. All this with the commitment to deliver intuitive and easy-to-execute solutions.

Complexity reduction

This last point is of vital importance for this victory. Rapid7’s approach to detection and response focuses on eliminating complexity among security teams. Besides, there is an interest in the effective response to scheduled attacks. We have, for example, the case of InsightIDR and Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Customers can select the solution and approach that best meets their needs. It accommodates even the objectives of each company. Rapid7 helps teams achieve efficiency and effectiveness. All this focusing on achieving success in their digital security.

Rapid7 and its focus on the cloud

GartnerAs a SIEM based on the SasS model, InsightIDR focuses on eliminating obstacles. Often, these obstacles slow down equipment and reduce recovery time. Using lightweight collection methods and cloud services, you can add data from various sources. And this is what InsightIDR does without stopping at the collection. It also normalizes, attributes and enriches the data. Giving analysts instant visibility through their records, users, endpoints, and network.

Rapid7 works with the information provided by the MDR team. They also have a global threat intelligence network. The main focus is the generation of reliable detections. This forms a growing library of detection experts. Thus, clients do not need to go through the creation of rules or exercises of traditional SIEMs. Also, users have the option of complementing alerts. Custom rules through an intuitive UI are its main attractions.

Rapid7 receives an award that makes it stand out among hundreds of SIEM references. If you want to know more about this product and InsightIDR, do not hesitate to contact us. We know firsthand the advantages of these teams and how to put in place them. Our team is here to help you give the best strategy that improves your IT environment.

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