Rapid7 Insight IDR vs Splunk: What is the best SIEM solution for your company? 




Any security strategy will be incomplete if it does not include the implementation of a SIEM solution. Aware of this, every day, security teams from companies around the world begin their search for the ideal SIEM software to help them better protect their systems. 




It is not an easy task to select a tool of this type, especially when we consider the numerous options that the market has, however, there is no doubt that in any search for security solutions there are two names that must stand out from the rest: Rapid7 and Splunk. 

If you’ve already looked at these two providers but still don’t decide which one suits you best. You should read this article that we have prepared for you. Read on and compare these two high-tech solutions for yourself. 

How does a good SIEM system work? 

 SIEM systems allow the identification and analysis of security events, reduce the impact of the consequences of an attack and facilitate the establishment of resilience strategies. 

To do this, it collects events, stores them, and aggregates relevant data. SIEM also simplifies the analysis of multiple sources of security events and allows teams to perform a more efficient correlation to detect high-risk threat scenarios. 

What are the criteria to follow when choosing a SIEM solution? 





Needs: Before choosing one or another SIEM tool, it is important that you define your objectives well. This will help you select a solution that has all the functionalities you need to implement your security plans. 




To establish your goals, you can start by asking yourself: What problems do I want to solve or prevent with this tool? Do I want an On premise or cloud solution? What is the projection of my company’s growth in the future? 


License: How many devices do you need to install your SIEM software on? Based on the previous stage, you can determine the type of license that suits you best. 


Functionalities: The functions of a SIEM system can vary from one provider to another, it is you at the end who must decide which is the set that works best for you. However, there are some indispensable features that your software should have: 


  • Compatibility with your logs
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
  • Friendly boards
  • Long-term event storage.
  • Correlation engine
  • Generation of reports
  • User Activity Monitoring


The provider: In order for you to get the most out of your software, you need to have the right advice when you implement it and start using it. Then try to choose a provider who has the knowledge, professionalism and willingness to help you whenever you need advise related to the use of your software. 


Rapid7 VS Splunk: Two highly efficient solutions


Now we’re getting to the point. Let’s take a look at the features of these 2 SIEM solutions. 






Splunk is a company specialized in creating security solutions for the analysis and monitoring of large amounts of data through web interfaces, in order to make them directly usable. Founded in 2003 and currently headquartered in San Francisco, Splunk has the prestige of being one of the most widely used SIEM solutions in the world. 



Splunk SIEM 


This is a SIEM solution specialized in the identification, prioritization and management of security events through functionalities such as the alerts management, risk scores, dashboards and personalized visualizations.


Key functionalities


  • Automated actions and workflows for fast and accurate response.
  • Ability to sequence events.
  • Rapid detection of malicious threats.
  • Modeling based on rules and signatures.
  • User behavior analysis.

Implementation : On premise and SaaS


Support: Splunk support has to be one of its weakest points compared to Rapid7. It offers online support only during working hours and lacks complete documentation regarding the software. 


Type of company: Splunk could be used by companies of any size, but its maximum effectiveness is achieved in large companies. 


Ease of use: Simple to use. It has an intuitive interface 






Rapid7 is a leading provider of analytics solutions that combines its expertise in data analysis security with its in-depth knowledge of hacker behavior and techniques to leverage the data available in IT environments. Its solutions are focused on providing visibility into vulnerabilities and quickly detecting security compromises.




Rapid7 InsightIDR


This tool uniquely combines behavioral analysis and research capabilities with contextual data collection to detect the most stealthy attacks. The platform reduces investigation times by a factor of at least 10 to allow security agents to contain an attack.


Key Functionalities


  • User behavior analytics.
  • Centralized log management.
  • Insight Agent for endpoint detection and visibility.
  • Automatic creation of tickets for any type of alert that is created or managed by the InsightIDR.
  • Threat Intelligence Reports
  • Baseling and profiling are dynamic in nature and adapt to changing user roles, etc.


Implementation : Available On Premise


Support: Rapid7 has a large community and quite complete documentation. 


Type of Business: For small, medium and large businesses. 


Ease of use: the Rapid7 interface is very intuitive, in addition the tool allows a simple configuration and offers a clean and customizable web interface. 


In conclusion. Both solutions offer excellent features and are perfectly capable of fulfilling the basic functions of SIEM systems. In addition, the suppliers of both tools have strived to integrate the latest technology into their products. Offering greater precision and efficiency. 


If you still can’t decide, don’t worry. Contact us and get all the advice you need to choose, implement and get the most out of your software. At GB Advisors we are official Rapid7 partners, and we offer you a service in your language so you can interact with us with confidence. Get the support you deserve and start making all your IT projects possible. 

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