How to improve your team productivity with a task management software

software de gestión de tareas

Have you ever heard about task management software? If you don’t keep reading, you’re about to find out how this tool will help you improve your company’s overall functioning.

Improving your team productivity must be something that you should always look for; and even if you think the productivity levels are good, you can always do something to boost them. 

Don’t forget that customers are becoming more demanding than ever, so if companies want to keep up with their demands they need to have a well-trained staff that has the right tools to help them do their job in the best way possible. 

A common issue found in many companies is that employees struggle to organize their daily activities, ending up with heavy workloads and almost missing the deadlines. Even when they do the same tasks every day. 

Something as simple as not knowing how to manage time can result in enormous problems for a company; but luckily there’s a solution for that. 

Task management software.

Task management software helps you systematically organize your never-ending pile of tasks and manage everyday teamwork better. They help teams save a lot of time and effort by having a single software in place to deliver things on time. 

With a good tracker, you should be able to delegate work.

Track dependencies, track time spent on tasks, stay on schedule and hit deadlines.

Tracking tasks lets everyone understands which are more important or requires more time. So teams can plan their time and meet deadlines.

Every team needs a task management software

When managing several teams, and at the same time all those teams are dedicated to different tasks that are not necessarily related to each other, even the simplest things can become a misunderstanding. 

Moreover, not everyone has the same work methodology. For someone, it may be more than enough to receive an instruction orally, while for others it is very necessary to have everything in writing. 

task management softwareAs a result, it is necessary to count on a single tool that everyone can trust on. 

Regardless of the industry, your company belongs to, task management software are the best solution for keeping track of the progress, monitoring timelines, schedule tasks, and document the work more efficiently. 

 How a task management software can help teams manage their projects better:

  • Upgrade collaboration

When you need to know what your teammates are working on, don’t worry about having to wait until the next meeting to get the details, stay updated on who is working on what easily by having all the information you need in a single place. 

  • Visibility

This helps everyone involved in a project to stay on the same page and understand what exactly their role is in meeting the overall objectives or goals of a project. Resource allocation, potential risks, and project progress including data because numbers speak volumes, are all available to every team member.

  • Share workload

Even when a company has different departments, they can work completely isolated from each other. With integration, you will make sure all the parts of your company are aligned to obtain better results. 

In addition, you will also avoid having some employees doing much more than others.

 With an efficient system provided by a task management software, capacity planning can be done in the best way to make sure no employee is overworked.

  • Identify glitches and predict delays

Delivering tasks on time helps you identify issues and predict delays way ahead in order to correct all your actions so that the end goal is accomplished. 

task management softwareAn effective task management software helps you through the lifecycle of a task including an estimate that a task is going to be delayed.

  • Grow accountability


With a good task management software in place, everyone in your company will know what they are responsible for. An increased sense of responsibility sends a strong message that work is taken seriously; and brings about an overall sense of ownership in each of your employees.

Now that you know everything that a task management software can help you with. You only need to find the right one. 

We recommend you Freshrelease.

Feshrelease helps you improve the way you work by identifying blockers, predicting delays, and increasing your team’s performance significantly.

It comes powered with all the features required to manage your projects end to end:

  • Project roadmap gives a high-level view of your project’s vision, plan, and progress to your entire team.
  • Kanban boards help you plan and visualize tasks, complete pending tasks, and increase your efficiency to perform better. 
  • Post comments and @mention your team members inside any work item.
  • Track conversations 
  • Delay prediction in Freshrelease will show users the actual time a task spends in every status of its lifecycle; compare against the planned effort for that particular status and call out delays.   
  • Keep track of work easily, every team member part of a task will be notified when there is a delay through an email.  
  •  Time logs.
  • Export time entries. 
  • Identify roadblocks and mitigate risks early. 
  • Build custom reports and display them on your dashboard

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