Aranda Software IT Operations Management

Organize and Produce. Reach competitive advantages to highlight in your industry

Aranda Software IT Operations Management helps you to give order and structure to your productive means in a collaborative environment.

Aranda Software IT Operations Management gives order and structure to your physical and digital environments to know every movement and change in your production inventory, sales and purchases. Access to all your information on a  real-time basis, from any associated device or from its main dashboard.

If you are looking for an efficient and merging solutions to optimize your IT Operations Management, then you have finally found it.

Aranda Software IT Operations Management integrates and helps you to improve your productive processes from any device


Aranda Software IT Operations Management

Device Management

With Aranda Software Comprehensive Suite of IT Service Management, you will be able to know the real status of all your assets. To do so, it offers a special selection of solutions to manage all your associated devices and their related software:

Aranda Asset Management

Discover and know the status of all your physical and digital assets. Control your service delivery.

Aranda Software Delivery

Distribute, control y delimit packages and special installations to specific groups of users in your networks

Aranda Metrix

Measure the performance of your teams and optimize the use of your business resources

Aranda Power Management

Control and reduce your expenses in electricity while diminishing your carbon footprint

Aranda Patch Management

Have at hand all the information related to upgrades, actualizations and similar actions over your systems



This solution helps you to manage all your inventory, and knowing in depth the actual state of your resources , localization, and expiration dates. It is the best tool to control and access to your inventories from any device or from Aranda Dashboard to have comprehensive look of 360 ° on your devices, goods and services.



To address specific cases of installation of specialized software for key personnel; or for a particular computer within your organization, Aranda Software has created Aranda Software Delivery.

Through it, you will be able to install what you need without interfering with your tasks and resources; distribute default installation packages; and tracking each task.



This package allows you to optimize the performance of your business resources. With Aranda Software Metrix you will able to control and understand what areas of your business are sensitive of improvement, and target your efforts towards excellence.


Do you spend lots of money in energy? Do you want to implement policies and protocols to turn on, turn off and save energy from your equipment and devices? Aranda Power Management manages all these aspects for you while contributing to reduce the your company’s carbon footprint. Ideal for factories and companies linked to the primary production sector.



We understand how difficult it may be managing your network infrastructure, and keeping updating all the information related to software upgrades, updates and similar. With Aranda Patch Management you will have all this information in detail to always keep one foot forward in your industrial processes, regardless manufacturer or product type.


Aranda Software IT Operations Management

Configuration Management DataBase (CMDB)

Your DataBase is the starting point of every action in your company. All the activities and movements of your assets, and to do so you need to access to all such information from any device at any time.

With Aranda Configuration Management DataBase (CMDB) find out and control every change related to your physical and digital assets, know who’s handled it and through what means; keep your inventories always updated while saving money and time.


Aranda CMDB

DataBase of your activities, movements, business plans and similar from any associated device


Report Issuing

To know the real scope of your business, you need reports for facilitating the analysis for making informed decision. Aranda Software Suite of Comprehensive IT Service Management includes a native integration that allows you to generate reports of the Aranda product family.

You can choose from preloaded options or customize reports for you to only obtain the metrics you need to know:

Aranda Query Management

Automatic reporting. Print and export them in different formats (PDF, DOC, XML and HTML)

Aranda Dashboard

Define your metrics and management indicators with graphics. Get them from the web or from your mobile devices platform.

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Aranda Software Suite of IT Comprehensive Service Management has the most complete approach to satisfy your demands in IT

Aranda Software Suite of IT Comprehensive Service Management gathers all the solutions you need to boost your enterprise

Here you can choose among the solutions created for your Mobile and Desktop Devices for your customers and employees:

Aranda CMDB

Standard Edition

Enterprise Edition

Aranda Query Manager

Device Management


Software Delivery

Patches Management

Power Management

Asset Management

Aranda Dashboard

Service Management

Desktop Service

Virtual Support

Combine them with the most powerful management solutions for your enterprise:

Aranda Dashboard

Security Management Software

360 Endpoint Security

Aranda DataSafe

Report Services

Report Issuing

Metrics and  indicators

Mobile Services

Field Mobile Services

Mobile Devices Management

Know them all and create your working network
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Premium Service Package for additional support on Aranda

The package consists of access to specialized technicians to work any additional requests of support that is not included in the current continuous software support. This support complements Aranda standard support with version upgrades, configuration, advice, implementations and knowledge transfer.

installing premium services gb advisors

Installing Services

Our certified staff provides basic configurations tailored to our customers at the time of its deployment in its final location, also including with the basic configurations to adapt the tool to the use of each client.

configuration services premium


Our certified staff can help to configure and adapt the tool to the specific use of each client, in order to obtain the best performance from your tool.

personalization services


We offer customization services, adapting the functionality and appearance of our products to the individual specifications of each installation.

80premium-support40premium-support 24premium-support

The customer has up to a maximum number of support hours available for one year which can be consumed at least in blocks of 1 hour per request, until the total amount of hours purchased are consumed.  We have available additional Premium Support Packages for 24, 40, and 80 hours.

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