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ITSM Istanbul ServiceNow

Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade

GB Advisors enthusiastically announces Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade, the first in its type for 2017 in Service Solutions for ServiceNow. The Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade counts on important improvements that we can’t wait to share with you.


Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade – Main Features

This service-oriented upgrade has lots of improvements to boost your organization, and make it faster and powerful to deliver services.


If at this moment you are using another version of ServiceNow, we invite you to experience the new features that Istanbul ServiceNow upgrade has for you:


ITSM – ServiceNow Benchmarks

Boost your IT Service Management by using the exclusive performance metrics powered by ServiceNow.


Performance Metrics are available in Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade through the HI, which naturally adapts to the type and size of your company. Additionally, Istanbul ServiceNow upgrade integrates this new feature to apps and reports.


ITOM – Event Management Anomaly Metrics

Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade is ready to handle abnormal activities that may lead to  non-programmed service outages. 


This is possible thanks to the Event Management Anomaly Metrics collected from historical record of events logs; which also allows the client to identify abnormal behavior in their networks that, sometimes, aren’t filtered by the alerts.


In this way, Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade helps your teams to take preventive actions to managing potential threats.


ITSM Application Portfolio Management


ITSM Istanbul ServiceNowHow many times have you found lost in your own services application? How much time and resources have you wasted in maintenance and hosting? 

Organize and keep your Apps records in the Application Portfolio available in Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade. Additionally, it helps you to identify and improve those apps that work better for your company, and replace those that have seen better days.



Automated Threat Intelligence Lookups

Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade dramatically reduces the time spent in event or threat scanning to less than 20 seconds.


Significantly, this advantage speeds up the performance and the response time of your teams in charge of security, and saves large amounts of manual work.


B2C Customer Service Portal and Data Model

ITSM Istanbul ServiceNowIn the same line of product and services, Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade offers the B2C Service Portal and Data Model to enhance the business-client direct relationship.

Another key point in this model, is that it offers best support and scalability for big transactions directly managed by the clients. Same, it records and maps every transaction and information, which favors the direct contact between you and your clients.



Scoped HR Service – Management Application


This upgrade enables directly the HR Department to manage its own processes, independently from IT Department.


In other words, this unique feature only available in Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade improves the resolution of problems and administrative issues; without inter-departmental intervention.

Additionally, this feature also favors the protection of sensitive/personal data.


Automated Testing Frameworks


ITSM Istanbul ServiceNowToday, applications are the most extended and efficient way to deliver service. However, creating and testing applications usually take much time before abiding benchmarks to be launched.


This upgrade offers automated testing frameworks that helps your company to simplify this process, and delivering better and faster apps.


For to all these new features, GB Advisors highly recommends to upgrade your services to Istanbul ServiceNow Upgrade, which you can enjoy just following this link:

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