Integrating ITSM and PAM: Why is it so important today?

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Integrating / IntegraciónThe current reality for any organization is very different from what it was six weeks ago. And this is even truer for companies that offer IT services. As employees and organizations migrate to remote work, everyone struggles to adapt. Many organizations are not prepared for the immediacy of this change in the market; and it shows in how they manage their cybersecurity. Integrating tools is a solution to this situation.

Remote work completely transforms reality for IT and security practices. However, the problems remain the same as in past months. Customer services still need to help solve customer problems.

Your IT teams still have to solve employee and infrastructure problems. You still need to keep submitting patches and reinforce good security practices.

Yet, there is an eternal truth that has not changed (and should not change). Because, if you have a problem and ask your favorite IT team for help, their response should always be “Has a ticket been opened?”

How can integrating tools help your IT team?

Ideally, your main goal should be to provide your team with enough tools to facilitate their work. A good way to help them is by purchasing a service management software that simplifies their tasks. Especially in the case of the remote working, since their requests skyrocket.

With service management software, you can keep a proper record of the needs of IT and security teams.

It is more essential than ever that organizations have solutions that work together. This way, it will be easier to tackle the problems in each of your markets in a safe and efficient way.

How can you integrate your ITSM and PAM solutions?

A clear example of integration is the synergy between BeyondTrust PAM products and ServiceNow ITSM. These integrations allow you to maintain your security practices while following established regulations.

Furthermore, they provide users and clients with more efficient and user-friendly workflows.

Integrating these tools: how does it work?

ITSMRemote support is usually a rule for most organizations. Yet, with such a large percentage of employees working remotely, new problems arise. How can your existing support staff effectively maintain a fully remote workforce?

Integrating BeyondTrust Remote Support and ServiceNow, your service desk can solve user problems more quickly.

This integration allows ServiceDesk representatives to start a remote support session from ServiceNow. This way, your representative can speed up the resolution of the ticket effectively.

If the remote support session links to an existing incident, you can associate the data with ServiceNow. In case there is no existing incident, BeyondTrust Remote Support can create one. Remember that, as a leader, you should always seek to simplify workflows and time lost in manual tasks.

Transcription of tickets and chatbots

After solving an issue, the chat transcript and all data link back to the associated incident. This saves you time to move on to the next task of the day.

Additionally, this integration allows users to request help by chat directly from the incident. This further smooths workflows between ServiceNow and BeyondTrust Remote Support. Essentially, more you solve more problems and spend less time solving them.

About your safety

BeyondTrust Password Safe provides the means to discover, incorporate, protect, and manage privileged accounts and credentials. Yet, linking Password Safe and ServiceNow allows you to further simplify and improve the security of various tasks.

This integration gives organizations the ability to request ticket validation for privileged uses. You can also request a private login. Additionally, you can share asset data between ServiceNow and Password Safe. This allows you to fill in administration gaps by gaining secure access to your asset inventory.

Integrating External providers and users is viable

VPN vs PAMOrganizations are taking advantage of third-party providers to help them with privileged tasks. Yet, safely enabling those tasks can be difficult. Remote access may be a rule, but a standard VPN provides too much access. What can you do?

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access provides organizations with secure remote access for third parties and remote users.

This solution provides the necessary workflows to allow access without compromising network security.

The integration of privileged remote access with ServiceNow allows users to log in from an incident in ServiceNow. Integration of a ServiceNow incident ID is also possible as part of the request process. Additionally, session data links to the ServiceNow log, maintaining a full audit of user activity.

About specific privileges

Internal users often need specific privileges to complete their daily tasks. However, providing an unprivileged employee with excessive credentials is not the best idea.

BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management give you the ability to enable privileged tasks and prevent privilege problems. 

Integration with ServiceNow allows the execution or installation of applications to generate new incidents. This enables your IT team to assist the applicant more effectively.

Integration is relevant now

There are many reasons why your software and security solutions must integrate. However, saving time and extending security to your remote employees is a priority.

With BeyondTrust and ServiceNow, IT administrators can rest easy knowing that their users are effective and safe. But more importantly, your business is protected.

For more information on BeyondTrust / ServiceNow integrations, contact us. Our team of professionals will help you with these tools in the best possible way.

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