How to get the most out of AnyDesk’s features during COVID-19 times

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The COVID-19 pandemic gave birth to a phenomenon never seen before in the digital era. Millions of companies sent their employees home to start working remotely. Many of them are using AnyDesk’s features to get a better job performance.

The truth is that this change wasn’t a problem at all for some of these companies. However, many others struggled to adapt to the actual circumstances, watching their productivity decline as the days went by.

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This was, therefore, just one of thousands of consequences brought about by the international spread of the so-called ‘Coronavirus’. Nonetheless, markets such as online education and the remote access software development became stronger under homeworking conditions.

One of this software is AnyDesk, today one of the most used remote access tools by Internet users. AnyDesk’s team annouced not so long ago that the app has been downloaded more than 200 million times worldwide by now!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Anydesk or even used it. In that case, do you think you’ve taken full advantage of all its features?

What we DO know about AnyDesk’s features

There’s something sure: AnyDesk’s features go beyond limits. Not only it offers users the chance to control their work desktops from other devices, but it also provides a secure path through highly reliable TLS 1.2 and RSA 2048 connections. 

And what about the tiny 3.2 MB of space the software takes up in your memory? Not to say its low latency, 60 FPS frequency, advanced privacy settings, several payment methods and a popular free version, of course. 

Each of these features make AnyDesk a highly reliable and competitive remote desktop software in the digital market. However, are you really getting the most out of this tool? 

If you have any doubts, don’t worry, then. 

In this article we’ll show you some AnyDesk’s features of that you probably didn’t know about, as well as how to get the most out of this app during the ongoing pandemic.

Are you ready? 

Some unknown, or ignored, AnyDesk’s features

As we said before, working from home can be stressful and anxiety-provoking if you’re used to be in (direct) contact with your colleagues in a work environment. This kind of stress can even make you forget some of the qualities of the tools you use every day such as AnyDesk.

In case you trully forgot them, well, we’ll leave some of the most important over here…

Personalized access

This feature allows you to create a password so that you become the only user able to access your work PC. You’re even able to speed up the process with an automated option so you don’t have to enter your password every time you log in. 


Isn’t it annoying to have your colleagues going round your workspace watching every detail of whatever you’re doing on your PC? Well, this can also happen when accessing your work computer remotely. 

To solve this situation, you can use AnyDesk’s private mode option to turn the remote device screen black while accessing it. 

This way, the screen content stay hidden from anyone who has physical access to the remote device.

File exchange

File transfer between computers is also one of AnyDesk’s features. You can exchange text, screenshots and other files between remote and local devices. This option is easily blocked for privacy reasons, of course.  

Printing remotely

AnyDesk also allows you to print files via a virtual printer (AnyDesk Printer) installed on the remote device. Using this function you can send your documents to the local printer.. Great, isn’t it?

Working together

If you are part of your company’s IT department, youprobably access your colleagues’ computers daily to solve their problems. Make your job easier and provide quick instructions through AnyDesk’s whiteboard. You can also explain them – and record them – via chat. 

Online safety

Let’s say it’s normal to wonder whether your documents will be safe remotely, and the answer is yes! AnyDesk’s advanced encryption system excludes the possibility of your device being found by unknown users. Brilliant! 

Which is the best way to get the most out of AnyDesk’s features in quarantine?

anydesk features

At this point, we can say remote working is also about always having the right tools on hand at the right times. That’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of AnyDesk’ features: using them to solve different issues.

Whether it’s printing a document remotely or transferring a file to a colleague, you’re clearly not obliged to use another tool when these circumstances take place – mainly because AnyDesk has the right option. 

Your challenge as a remote worker is then to take every opportunity that specialized software like AnyDesk offer you to increase your work productivity.

There’s no doubt, AnyDesk is one of the most atractive choices when choosing a remote access software for your team.

Do you want more information about it? You can contact us anytime! At GB Advisors we are specialists in providing advisory to managing and installing software for ITSM and Digital Security. Our team is the most qualified to find the best option for each of your needs.

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