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GB Advisors: the best performing partner for Freshworks in Latin America.

Freshworks recently announced the winners of the 2020 edition of the Partner Awards. In this time, GB Advisors won the award for the Best Performing Partner in Latin America.       

More than five years of commercial success of the connection between GB Advisors and this leader in the global SaaS market for customer service automation, marketing, support, and ITSM describes a great business story.

However, this business relationship is about more than just positive financial returns.

What does Freshworks look for in a partner?    

Beyond the financial return as the main objective of any business alliance, Freshworks has a particular vision for choosing its partners.

Consequently, this particular culture code for Freshworks partners aims to foster cohesive collaboration between the company and its partners.

Focus on the customer

Freshworks delivers quality customer experiences through innovation in everything it does. 

As a result, any partner that takes advantage of this resource will develop relevant connections with customers and will also be capable of meeting their needs. 

A friendly work environment

Fostering a collaborative, trustworthy, and respectful work environment is another crucial element of Freshworks’ relationship with its partners. 

Working with a growth mindset

Besides a friendly environment, Freshworks partners can take advantage of the resources offered by the brand to build stronger and longer-lasting business relationships.

Consequently, it will be much easier for both the partner and the client to succeed.

Operate together as a team.

Since Freshworks partners are part of a broad family of companies, its main focus is to generate opportunities by working together and collaborating closely.

In this sense, GB Advisors has stood out in the Latin American landscape due to its alignment with Freshworks’ vision.

Finally, as a result, GB has turned into Freshworks’ greatest ally in the continent, a fact confirmed by the award obtained.

What makes GB Advisors a leading Freshworks partner in Latin America?  

From caring and sincere attention to clients to growth mindset and team play, GB  stands out as an organization, which explains our close bond with Freshworks.

Through its values – do the right thing, do the best we can, and show others we care – GB brings a distinct value to its customers.

In this regard, this closeness and love for our clients and partners have made GB the perfect partner for Freshworks in Latin America.

What is GB Advisors’ offer?

Acquiring a new software like Freshservice or Freshworks CRM (Freshworks products) is not as simple as it seems.

This type of implementation goes far beyond investing in new software. It also represents a piece of knowledge, time, and effort investment to ensure that the process meets its goals.

In this matter, GB’s Software Service Insurance Service (SSI)  focuses on improving the management of the implementation of new software in any organization.

All this to avoid any chaos resulting from a deficient implementation plan.

But how can we achieve this? Through:     

  • Assistance in installation and usability of the software. 
  • Training.    
  • Software updates.  

Now, what happens if the tool does not adapt to the specific characteristics of the company?

This investment would have been unfruitful as a result of this lack of adjustment to the company’s real needs.

So, how can you meet these requirements?

Successful implementations of software tools lie in their perfect adaptation to the needs of the business in question.

In this sense, a Software Implementation Project (SIP) approach will allow you to configure and adapt products such as Freshworks or any software to your specific needs.

How do you do it? Through:    

  • A dedicated project manager and technical agent for your project,     
  • An established work plan with defined deliverables and deadlines,     
  • Scheduled tasks,     
  • Complete migration of software, data, and advanced configurations     
  • Use of work methodologies such as SCRUM or PMBOK to deliver you software ready to use.     

How GB Advisors and Freshworks can help you improve your business?

Maybe as a business, for example, you need to automate IT management, boost sales or automate your marketing efforts.

Maybe you want to better manage your services or provide quality support to your employees and customers.

Despite the reason, Freshworks and GB Advisors are here to help.

With tools like Freshworks CRM, Freshservice, Freshdesk, or Freshteam, Freshworks can help you overcome any obstacles between your business and operational efficiency.

At Gb Advisors, we offer you the training, support, and advice you need so you can choose and deploy the automation tool that best suits your organization’s needs.

Contact us and request a demo of any of the Freshworks solutions now!

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