GB Advisors has new Partner: Trend Micro Enterprise Security

Partner Trend Micro

GB Advisors Inc has new slogan: Leading Software Solutions. To honor our new motto, we bring you our new partner Trend Micro Enterprise Security; to guarantee Comprehensive Protection in Networks, Internet Access and Digital Environments for your company.


For the purpose of providing the best services; our new partner Trend Micro Enterprise Security offers the possibility to use its solutions as Software or Services through a user-friendly, easy to install portal. Coupled with GB Advisors, you count with the best option to protect your assets.


At the present time, it counts with 28 years of experience in the market, and the recognition for 14 consecutive years as Leader of Gartner's Magic Quadrant on Endpoint Protection Platforms, Devices and Applications for server protection solutions, devices and applications.


Hence, Trend Micro Enterprise Security has lot to offer for small and medium industries, in order to protect  your enterprise of all kinds of threats.


Our new partner Trend Micro Enterprise Security and GB Advisors grow with you


As a matter of fact, our new partner Trend Micro Enterprise Security adapts to your security challenges as your company grows.


There's not rocket science behind: It's just as simple as contacting your GB Advisors Renewals Agent for upgrades to continue making the best for its products and services; and avoiding to migrate to other brands.   


Same, our new partner Trend Micro Enterprise Security and GB Advisors combine their expertise to put at your fingertips the best and latest in Leading Software Solutions for comprehensive protection in networks, Internet access, digital services in digital environments tailored to company.  


In this sense, our new partner Trend Micro Enterprise Security:

  • Security Incident Management.
  • Patches and Upgrades.
  • Solutions in Security Problems and Network Security, Internet access and Sensitive Data.
  • Global support Knowledge Base for the Prevention of Malware, Ransomware and Phishing attacks.
  • Data Loss Prevention.
  • App Tech Reputation for mobile devices.
  • Secure Cloud.
  • Security Virtualization.
  • Security Data Centers.
  • Deep Security for physical, virtual and cloud-based servers.
  • Smart Protection Network.
  • Email Archiving.
  • Data Loss Prevention.
  • Protection against Web threats.
  • Web Reputation.
  • Network integrated Security.
  • Content Security integrated to the Gateway.
  • Antivirus SLA response in 2 hours.
  • Threat lifecycle Management.
  • Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS).
  • Web Filtering
  • InterScan WebManager.
  • Antivirus for mail server mail.
  • Antivirus for Internet gateway Protection.
  • Many other features that we invite you to discover.


No doubt: Trend Micro Enterprise Security name's linked to prestige and quality. For this reason, counting on it means an advantage for your company's protection that includes endpoint protection for PC, Smartphones and other mobile devices.


GB Advisors Inc welcomes Trend Micro Enterprise Security to honor both, our new motto and our commitment to bring Solutions Software Leaders tailored to your needs.

Trend Micro Enterprise Security

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