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Freshworks, formerly known as FreshDesk,Inc, is an organization that is constantly evolving to add value to the service and business industry by enhancing the quality of interactive experiences between customers and employees. The extensive work of these software solutions comprehends customer support, service desk, CRM domains and a series of advantageous products that improve connection, communication and collaboration across the essential elements of a company.

The freshness and renewed energy of Freshworks are just some of the many features that allow them empower both, large and smaller companies, to provide a high quality performance in customer support and sales results.

The main reason why most businesses prefer these software tools is because they integrate all basic requirements into their products to help them deliver a faster and better response to the constant and upcoming inquiries. Based on this, every Freshworks product has been intelligently crafted and designed for every specific business need.

When it comes to boost your marketing strategy and client satisfaction technology plays a significant role. Due to this, whether you are looking for a new application to spice your workflow or an option to optimise your processes Freshworks offers several opportunity for your company and team:


Freshworks Customer support Software




This modern customer support helpdesk enables the team collaborate among co-workers in different tasks to provide accurate and fast responses to the customers through email, phone, websites, forums and social media.

In order to assure a high quality service and manage clients’ questions and complaints on real-time, Freshdesk integrates a wide range of features that include:


  • A ticketing feature that allows editing text formatting, control inquiry status, add notes for private use, get contextual information of the customer and easily manage the ticket properties.
  • A multichannel solution that gathers e-mail ticketing; a self-service  portal;  a live chat; built-in phone, Facebook, Twitter  Channels and a Feedback widget.
  • A knowledge base that provide quick answers to the FAQ, products tutorials and basic technical questions. A self-service opportunity to improve customer satisfaction.
  • An arcade game where representatives earn scores, badges and trophies as they fulfill clients’ expectations and requests. This tool highly increases productivity as it enhances a healthy competition among co-workers.
  • A convenient and secure infrastructure with 99.9% availability in SSL encrypted servers and Trusted IP functionality that is customizable for accessing and restricting information to customers and employees.
  • A global multilingual support that scales products and time zones and can be set up for numerous SLA’s policies and business hours.
  • A reporting dashboard that compiles all relevant information about the insights and metrics to track the progress, identify and solve problems and save time.
  • An easy integration with business applications like CRM systems and Google Apps including Analytics, Hangouts, Drive, Gmail, among others.


Freshworks IT Service Management Software



An ITSM solution software that automatically assigns, categorizes and prioritizes tasks to interweave them through the workflow. This cloud-based service desk counts with core functionalities like incident, problem, change, service catalog, release and asset management to approach and fulfill the needs of IT support with a managing interface.

This ITIL-aligned service desk offers automation options that businesses are able to customize according to their specific requirements to cope with workflows and provide excellent service to customers and inside teams equally. The main features of Freshservice are:


  • Asset Management: An automatic process that organizes hardware, software licenses, network infrastructure, and consumables to help administrators track the status and location of the assets.
  • Incident Management: A resourceful cycle where incidents are identified, categorized, prioritized, evaluated, solved and closed to guarantee users satisfaction.
  • Problem Management: A well-structured database that methodically analyzes and uses similar incidents data to isolate and resolve problems in very early stages.
  • Change Management: A tool that allows managers and technicians to track changes, research related problems, and develop detailed plans in a fresh and structured way.
  • Knowledge Base: An immediate solution for the user in search of basic and common answers which gives the team an opportunity of taking advantage of their valuable time.
  • Release Management: An attribute that assists in planning, managing and setting a deadline while it tracks changes that will be later sent to the requestors.
  • Service Catalog Management: An accessible cart that improves communication and interaction among departments and the relation between users and IT support.


Freshworks Customer Relationship Management Software



A responsive CRM solution that integrates multiple features to simplify marketing tasks for the sales team. It incorporates to the website all the tools that a salesperson may need to interact with the clients, such as: cell phone calls, emails and chats.

This complete platform gives the employees many pluses when it comes to handling leads to convert them into customers, since it provides the team with the following resources and advantages:


  • Keep in constant communication with your potential customers with a built-in phone & email.
  • Help identify the best leads through scoring, buying patterns and behaviors.
  • Get context and actionable insights to plan your conversations and increase engagement.
  • Receive smart email notifications about opens, clicks with real-time signals.
  • Manage the progress of sales pipeline in a more accessible and visually smart design.


Due to its great interest in helping businesses outsmart any obstacles,  Freshwork has set a high standard of excellence which extends to each of their products. Their innovative solutions will continue approaching all types of problems that customers and employees face to potentiate dynamics and communication.

Feel free to contact us to know more about our wide range of tools and resources that would help your business grown not only professionally but also financially.



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