Freshping by Freshworks: Improve the availability of your web services

As IT Managers, we need to guarantee the stability and availability of our websites at all times. Now, how do we do to control this? Is there any way to know in real time if any of our pages has stopped working?

In the spirit of responding to these concerns Freshping by Freshworks has now come to light. Freshping by Fresworks is a useful and brand new tool that helps you to monitor the connection and optimal functioning of your websites. Let’s see how it helps to maintain the availability of your web services.

Freshping: What for and why

Freshping by Freshworks is a customizable and scalable software with natural integrations to Freshservices, Freshsales and Freshdesk. It allows you to monitor the operation of up to 50 web pages for free.

Basically, the algorithm behind Freshping by Freshworks detects the problems of performance that your web pages and hosting services may present. Then, if for some reason a latency exceeds 1 minute, the system triggers an alert directly to your inbox, or to the destination of your choice.

In addition, you can use ICMP services to run ping from 10 different locations. Through this functionality; Freshping by Freshworks displays real-time graphics of the performance and availability of your pages. Like this, you can make strategic decisions that allow you to relocate your services, and promptly solve any inconveniences.

Similarly, and in the spirit of providing first-class services to your customers; Freshping by Freshworks also allows you to design 5 automatic responses to inform them about the service interruption.

In summary, Freshping by Freshworks helps you to quickly and efficiently discover the sources of errors that your end users may experience when making queries, transactions and similar actions on your websites.

How to use Freshping by Freshworks

Using Freshping is simple. You just have to go to the site, fill out a form with the URLs of the pages to be monitored, and add an active email to validate the application. With the free version, you have the option to add up to 50 different URLs.


Next, you will receive a mail with a validation link for new account. After following the link, you will receive another email with the change of status. Immediately, you can get into the Freshping dashboard.

Once you get into the dashboard, you will be able to add test monitors to each URL. Monitors allow HTTP/HTTPS, ICMP Ping, TCP, UDP, WebSocket, DNS protocols. Each one of them will show you the metrics of the sites you need to monitor.

Immediately below the dashboard, you will find a button to access to the Reports. There, some graphs will show you the URLs monitoring processes. It is here precisely where you will watch Availability values, Out of Service Time, Recovery and Response times. Likewise, it displays the monitoring lapse menu among which you can choose:

  • Last hour,
  • Last 24 hours,
  • Last 7 days and
  • Last 30 days

Right below the Reports button, you’ll find the button Status, which are configurable pages with personalized messages to inform your users whenever malfunctions occur in the page.

Finally, you’ll find the option of Configurations. In it, you will be able to configure the emails where the monitoring messages will arrive. Name and email of the Freshping by Freshworks account is set by default.

More of Freshping by Freshwork in GB Advisors

These are the views you will find every day when you start using Freshping. And if it is your desire to add more functionalities, or simply expanding the number of URLs to monitor; then the invitation is to contact us here to help you get the most out of this powerful tool that helps you to improve the availability of your web services for your clients and end users.

GB Advisors also can configure and manage the special features that Freshping by Freshworks offers. Just follow this link and consult the Premium Packages and choose the best option for you. We will be waiting for you!

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