Freshmarketer vs Hotjar: choose the best conversion rate optimization software

Freshmarketer vs Hotjar

Freshmarketer vs HotjarIn a context of increasing digitization, website conversion rate optimization has become the most important challenge for marketing specialists. One of the main strategies that many of these professionals have decided to put into practice is the implementation of tools focused on enhancing their websites. If this is your case and you still don’t know which solution may best suit your business, we invite you to read this comparison between Freshmarketer vs Hotjar.


Why optimize the web conversion rate?

Even if your website has an excellent web positioning and good traffic. These indicators become useless numbers if the website is not effective enough to turn visitors into loyal customers. This means that Optimizing the conversion rate of your website is essential for your business to be visible and profitable in the digital world.

What are the factors that can prevent your website from converting visitors into real customers?

The design


Freshmarketer vs HotjarOne of the central factors influencing the process of converting visitors into customers is the design of the website. When we talk about design we don’t refer exclusively to the modern and funny image that you can give to your page. But also the user-friendliness of your site. In order for users to be driven to have the behavior you want them to have within your website, it must be well structured to locate the most important parts in a visible and accessible way. This will make the visitor’s route through the conversion funnel simpler.


Too many distractions

Many companies bombard their users with useless elements that only distract them and make them flee before achieving conversion. As a result, these organizations have high rebound rates that reflect the dissatisfaction users feel when they reach a page that doesn’t give them clear information about what they’re looking for.

The wrong user

It’s great that your website is designed to attract audiences of all kinds, however, if from that group of users the conversion rate is minimal, the website is definitely not targeting the right audience.

What to do to overcome these challenges and boost the conversion rate of the website?


Freshmarketer vs Hotjar


In order to be present online, achieve conversion and increase sales, it is necessary first and foremost that you are able to offer your users a quality website; as well as identify situations that require a review of the current marketing strategy. For this, you need to perform a quantitative search, which provides you with figures and precise data about which things need to be improved on your website. The best way to achieve these figures is through the right tool.


With this tool, you will have the data you need to optimize your website. The data is important because it will help you understand how people relate to your website and how they perceive your brand. From this information, you will be able to carry out tests that allow you to create pages with quality content for your users. This will automatically translate into new clients for your organization.

Freshmarketer vs Hotjar: Which suits the business best?

Choosing the right tool can be a challenge. Luckily, with this comparison Freshmarketer vs Hotjar, you will be able to facilitate the selection process.


Hotjar is a web conversion tool focused on giving organizations an idea of how users behave on their website.  This solution combines analysis and feedback tools to give companies an idea of how visitors interact with their site, how they could improve the user experience, and finally, how they could increase conversion rates.


  • Heat maps
  • Visitor records
  • Web Analytics
  • Website Surveys



Freshmarketer vs Hotjar


Freshmarketer is an all-in-one conversion rate optimization (CRO) software that uses functions such as heat maps, A/B tests, and more. This tool allows companies to analyze, optimize and customize their website; create experiences on the Chrome extension and capture the action of visitors to track clicks, queries, conversions, and drops in real time.




  • A/B Tests
  • Real-time visualization and reporting of thermal maps
  • Web Analytics
  • Conversion funnel analysis
  • User behavior mapping
  • Detailed metrics on the number of clicks on the website.

Still, not sure which tool is right for you? Contact us now to receive more information about Freshmarketer or any other Freshworks ecosystem solution. At GB Advisor we are specialists in helping our clients grow with the help of market-leading solutions. Enjoy our expert advice and our software products centered in the area of ITSM and ITsec.

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