5 basic and powerful measures to enhance the Digital Security of your company

potenciar la seguridad digital de tu empresa

Have you ever wondered what do you need to enhance the digital security of your company? This question opens the door to a wide range of options that you need to evaluate both, their impact over your operations, and over your budget.

If this is your case, we have good news for you: There are basic actions and measures that will help you to enhance the digital security of your company. With them you can evaluate the many options you find in the market to adopt them in the particular context of your business; and measure which of them best meet your specific needs. Let’s see how they go.

5 basic and powerful measures to enhance the digital security of your company

1. Implement Digital Security Software

As first level, you need one or a combination of different digital security softwares for protecting your company from viruses, malware and spyware. Additionally, it’s wise to enable a Firewall and periodically make backups of your data; same as devising a plan to raise alarms to keep always updated your systems.

The integration of these tools and actions helps you to tackle and detect early invasions and vulnerabilities in your data and systems.

2. Keep an eye on SSL, HTTP and HTTPS security certificates

potenciar la seguridad digital de tu empresaFollowing, we find the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security certificates. Although they’re somehow more sophisticated than HTTP/HTTPS security certificates; SSLs are rather a basic item on your list of mandatory actions to ensure and enhance the digital security of your company.

However basic, it’s always advisable to guarantee the protection of your sites by means of adopting SSL certificates because they provide an additional layer of security. In the same measure, this action enhances confidence and security in the flow of communications between users and servers.

Similarly, any browser will provide public information about the digital security of the page you’re surfing in through HTTP/HTTPS certificates. Train your staff to exclusively navigate on green lock pages, and ignoring those that do not comply with such automatic qualification.

3. Enable Mobile Device Management

Also, you should also count on some software to help you managing your employee’s mobile devices; especially now when BYOD policies sets the pace and, in the same way as it expands your operations beyond your facilities; it also increases the risks associated with losses; stole; cloning and hacking of mobile devices associated with your networks.

4. Password Management Software and Software of authentication for external connections

enhance the digital security of your companyIn any automated system the human factor counts as part of the dynamics.

As we all know; the most usual vector where occur flaws that expose our systems and network vulnerabilities, is this one. Among those flaws, we count the bad habit of recycling security keys and passwords; and not paying attention on the authentication of external connections.

So, by simply including a software for key and password management; tokenization and authentication of connections you minimize their associated risks; and create security policies that will enhance even more the digital security of your company.

5. Using VPN connections and Cloud services

In addition to the known benefits (privacy; accessibility from any device; exclusivity and many others); VPN connections and Cloud services also offer an additional layer for digital security.

Although they aren’t infallible; they actually can interact and work very well with the other basic and powerful measures we just named to enhance the digital security of your company.

From what other threats will protect you these 5 basic steps to enhance the Digital Security of your company?

If we take the OSI – TCP / IP model as mainframe to contrast your standards in digital security; you’ll find that these 5 basic measures actually cover the entire spectrum of 7 layers. Even more: They also cover and collect “Layer 8” related errors.

In other words, these basic steps are a complete guide containing all the indicators you need cover to properly defend your company from threats in a more integrated and comprehensive way. And if you want to delve into any or all of them, contact us here. We guarantee a tailored solution to cover all what you needs regarding your digital security issues.


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