Employee time-off, are you struggling with that? Here’s a solution

time-offEmployee time-off is considered to be one of the primary benefits offered by a company to its employees. It’s a policy under which the company sanctions a pool of leaves for its employees, for which there will be no loss of pay.  

It covers a variety of reasons: sickness, marriage, bereavement, vacation, or even personal time. 



Therefore, for companies, it has become essential to provide their employees with good time -off policies.  As a result, these policies act as a major plus for companies that are looking to hire good talents.  

The average number of leaves given to an employee in a year depends on the company. For instance, it can go from 10 vacation days + 10 casual leave days + 8 sickness leave days + 2 personal leave days. This gives us a total of 30 days.  

Those 30 days are the employees time-off.  

How the employee uses these days varies from company to company. As a result, some companies sanction them at once, while some split the days into 7 for each quarter, and others unlock 15 days every six months. However, this is where things become a bit messy.  


time-offTime-off policies, approval workflows, reports… Certainly it’s a lot to handle, but luckily there’s a solution for that.  

Have you ever heard about  a time-off management software?

This is an automated system that helps you track employee time-off. It manages time-off requests, approvals, and leaves balances.  


In addition, it also feeds information to other systems, like Payroll, and helps in managing employee compensations.  

With this software, you can create multiple policies. Customized approval workflows, holidays calendars, and workweeks that can be assigned to different teams and departments based on region and shifts.  

Most importantly, it becomes the one place to store and handle all information and queries on time-off tracking for all your employees. If your company is needing the help of this kind of management software, we have a great option for you.  

Freshteam: The simplest time-off manager around!  

Easy-to-use design, calendar view to manage team’s availability and powerful policy configurations. Check some of its features:

  • Reliable Support

Our support agents are waiting to provide you with solutions. Stuck on something? All you have to do is ping us for extraordinary support and a good conversation.

  • Simple Setup  

If you choose to come on board with Freshteam , that is all you have to do.  After that, we will make your move from a Spreadsheet or any other software as our task. Get your system up and running in no time.  

  • Easy Integrations  

With Freshteam’s easy -to- set- up and use API’s you can integrate your Timeoff Tracker with other systems like Payroll. Subsequently, you can use the data to perform any action required, without hassle.  

  • Freshteam provides you with a time-off policy as custom as it can be.

Customize everything: from the work week and holiday calendar to an accurate frequency for every type of leave. You can also create multiple time-off policies, with different policy rules, and map it to specific departments, locations or shifts, as necessary.

  • Powerful dashboard

The Freshteam dashboard eliminates the need to toggle between emails, calendars, and sheets to search for every time-off. Moreover, you can access new or pending requests, approve or decline requests, apply your own time-off, monitor your team/company’s time-off Trend – all in one place.

Freshteam gives you a complete view of what’s happening in your company or different teams. 


time-offIts dashboard reports many aspects, such as upcoming vacations, absenteeism patterns, and who’s available and who’s not- on any given day. 

In addition, this gives managers all the information they need to plan workweeks, address any absenteeism patterns, approve leaves based on the availability of other teammates, etc.


Is your team struggling with any of this?

Implementing a time-off approval system, disbursing time-off based on tenure, or multiple time-off policies to manage time-off at different office locations? We have the solutions.  

  • Implementing a time-off approval system.

All time-off requests your employees raise will be rerouted to their respective reporting managers or HR partners. It’ll show up on their time-off dashboard, where they then decide to approve or decline it.

  • Disbursing time-off based on tenure.

While creating policies, Freshteam enables you to define rules that disburse leave based on the employee’s tenure with the company.

  • Multiple time-off policies to manage time-off at different office locations.  

Freshteam enables you to create multiple policies – one for each location.  In addition, each of your geographical locations can have different holiday calendars, work weeks, time-off types (sickness, casual, paternity, marriage, bereavement, optional, business trip, etc), accrual policies and accrual rules.

Are you ready to try an intelligent time-off management?

Contact us for more information about this product. In Gb Advisors we are ready to help you find the right solution for your business needs.  


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