Changes happening in your company? You can have it all covered with this powerful tool

changes happening

changes happeningAre changes happening in your company? You can have it all covered with this tool.  

Changes are part of every process. Whatever if it’s for good or for bad they happen, and we all must be prepared to face them.   

IT sounds easy. Then, why is it so hard to deal with changes? 



As we said, they are a normal part of everything. But the thing is that we love routines very, very much.

We get used really quickly to do things in a certain way, and when we see changes happening we panic, a lot. 

However, for companies changes are bonded to evolution and growth. Maybe your company is selling more, maybe you’re thinking about expanding and need to hire more people, or maybe you’re about to launch a new product, service or campaign. Whatever it is, your company will increase its regular workflow. Your employees will have more work to do. 

When changes are happening the first step is accepting them and embracing them. 

Changes can never take us by surprise because that unexpected factor is what causes most of the problems. That’s why you need to be prepared with management processes that help you have a clear view of everything that’s happening and will happen. This approach will lead you to more effective planning in addition to having all your employees on the same page.  

The change process doesn’t come in the same way for everyone. Being open about all the possibilities, and maintaining constant communication using a collaborative app with your team is fundamental for succeeding at any new project. All team members must know that changes are expected, and what’s their role at every step of the process.  Don’t wait until it is too late for this. 

Small things such as scheduling going wrong, budget issues and contradictory opinions can cause big problems. That’s why making changes easier for your employees is something you need to work on. 

changes happeningWhen employees are used to teamwork things go smoothly. 

Different departments working together, what? That state should not be strange at all, and if it is, you can read our article about integration between different teams of the same company



When a new project is on the way, it’s very usual that all the different departments work together. 

If all your employees manage the same information, and that information is the right one, there’s no reason why changes can’t be controlled.

How can you deal with changes without putting in risk your regular procedures? 

Freshservice offers you a variety of tools for this: 

  1. Change lifecycle tool that provides you with a step by step view to control all the changes happening in your company. The change lifecycle tool lets you check the daily process and progress for all the involved departments. For instance, whenever a new update is ready, this tool will help you manage it, without putting in risk the regular workflow of your employees. 

Plus the change lifecycle tool adapts itself to different types of changes. Asking for your approval or not, depending on standard or major changes.

  1. Automation. This is one of the best and most used tools in the present that also helps you have covered all the changes.

Your employees’ skills are needed for demanding tasks. Some things such as assigning changes and particular tasks to the right teams, updating the process status, managing approvals, and sending notifications can be managed with automation. 

  1. Sandbox. Testing is a crucial part of every new project.  With Sandbox, you can create new environments to test out workflows and configurations before syncing them to your Freshservice account. 
  2. Change calendar. This tool provides a fresh overview of all the tasks and changes scheduled in the service desk. Your employees will get a quick glance at all the changes happening. 
  3. Audit logs. This helps you track all the changes going on at the service desk. Along with descriptions telling you about who is the person doing the changes. 


changes happening

Customers don’t care about the changes going on in your company. 

The reality is that customers expect to receive a good service no matter what.




In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’re having an internal crisis. Your customers are paying for a service or a product and the quality you offer must stay as good as usual.

Luckily, Freshservice sets you with all the right tools for managing changes without having your customers or your employees dealing with any problems at all. You can have big changes going on and your company won’t stop its normal functioning. Just like we said at the beginning, changes are normal and that’s how your company should manage them from now on. 

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