Through Freshdesk and the professional advice of GB Advisors, Ultracem was able to respond effectively to its clients' requests. Find out how Ultracem was able to improve its service delivery and achieve greater business benefits by gaining full control over its ticket management.



The company

Ultracem is a Latin American company dedicated to the production and commercialization of cement and concrete.  Since its inception in 2013, Ultracem has stood out for relying on state-of-the-art technology to offer products of excellent quality. 

Precisely thanks to this commitment to provide the best to its customers, it has managed to grow rapidly and position itself in the market. It currently has bases in Colombia, Panama, Honduras and Guatemala.

The Challenge: Unstructured Data and Slow Processes

Although Ultracem has always relied on innovative tools for the creation of its products, its customer service department had to deal for some time with the difficulties of performing manual processes through tools such as Excel and regular emails. 

This way of communicating and carrying out tasks did not allow them to measure or supervise the activities they carried out. In addition, it did not allow them to attend correctly to the requirements and incidents reported by customers.

The best opportunity for improvement was found in the fact that as the company grew, so did the number of requests and the volume of data they had to manage. 

This motivated them to look for a tool that would allow them to centralize their data and perform processes more efficiently; moreover, that could be adapted to the particular needs of the company. In their search for this solution, they discovered Freshdesk and GB Advisors. 

The Solution: A Highly Efficient Help Desk and Professional Advisory Service

To facilitate its interaction with the tool, Ultracem required access to a channel of Spanish-speaking expert consultants. Freshworks recommended its main partner in Latin America, GB Advisors, with whom Ultracem has since been able to perform all communications and renewals in their own language. With the help of Gb Advisors' end-to-end advisory, Ultracem was able to reconfigure Freshdesk to receive a real value contribution from Freshdesk. 

At GB Advisors we provided Ultracem with the support and advice they needed to adapt the tool to their requirements. As a result, Ultracem was able, among other things, to integrate its social networks (such as Twitter and Facebook), with Freshchat and Freshdesk, which allowed them to attend tickets from different media and offer multi-channel support. This saved a lot of time and resources. 

Ultracem was also able to use the tool as a guide to processes, to know how to address problems that others have already faced efficiently. Among Freshsdesk's multiple functionalities, those that were of greatest value to Ultracem in achieving its goal of improving its customer service were: 

  • Tickets Module
  • Multi-channel assistance.
  • Integrated knowledge base. 
  • Advanced automation. 

The impact on business 

Over the 4 years of working with Freshdesk, Ultracem has exponentially optimised its customer relationship. 

Freshdesk's ease of use and ability to provide total control over ticket tracking and resolution, has enabled Ultracem to maximise its processes, speed up response times and improve service delivery. 

With the help of GB Advisors, Ultracem was able to correctly configure its tool for: 

  • Centralize information related to customer requests. 
  • Make use of a more cost-effective contact channel.
  • Reduce bottlenecks. 
  • Provide superior customer service. 
  • Increase customer loyalty. 

The knowledge transfer and professional advice from the GB Advisors team allowed Ultracem to successfully carry out the tool implementation project and take advantage of the maximum potential of its Freshdesk solution.

In the end, this resulted in an increase in the speed of response to requests, and the level of customer satisfaction.