Bomgar vs Teamviewer for Enterprises

Differences between the most popular remote access software tools

Bomgar vs Teamviewer for EnterprisesIn an era of remote collaboration and technology, the need of remote desktop software becomes essential for those who need secure access to their information or the ones involved in customer service or similar processes. Based on this, remote support and management tools like Bomgar and Teamviewer represent an advantageous and easy way to troubleshoot and join forces against digital shortcomings.

Even if both utilities simplify your IT daily tasks and allow you to access and control your devices remotely, it is important to understand that their features may vary which makes them suitable for different purposes.


Bomgar vs Teamviewer for Enterprises: Secure Access adds value to your company performance


Whether you are an ambitious digital entrepreneur or an experienced businessman running a vast company, you may want to take a close look at these remote support options before taking a side or making a right decision to optimize your processes:

BOMGAR – Appliance or Secure Cloud:

  • Avoids problems related to SaaS deployment as it has been set up as a dedicated cloud hosted appliance in a secure Bomgar datacenter.
  • Provides solutions based on skillset and gives support technicians, IT administrators, and privileged users secure access to remote devices over the web.
  • Guarantees highly secure environments by using a smart card authentication and limiting screen sharing to specific applications.
  • Allows integration with identity providers via the industry standard SAML and enables connection to CRM, systems managements and multi-factor solutions.


TEAMVIEWER – Software As A Service:

  • Does NOT guarantee reliable auditability since the session can be turned on and off by the other party.
  • Does NOT offer obvious processes to regain control which builds a serious security distress.
  • Does NOT feature any implementation services, making it less effective when it comes to processes.
  • Does NOT count on valuable features for enterprises, such as: Intelligent Collaboration, Sponsored Access Escalation, Silent Monitoring, Automatic Routing or Vendor Access.


Bomgar vs Teamviewer

Bomgar vs Teamviewer in social context:

TeamViewer has won popularity as a widespread hacking tool among people and communities, however, Bomgar stands out in business environment where needs are more goal-oriented.



Bomgar vs Teamviewer for Enterprises : Choose the best remote support tool


There are three main factors that must be evaluated before choosing the best remote control software:

  • Functionality: Not only is Bomgar easy to access but also exceptionally useful for data management, online meetings and teamwork.
  • Vulnerability: Due to its SaaS architecture and basic original purpose, TeamViewer represents a high risk before cyber-attacks, security breaches or hackers. While Bomgar stores, manages and share data in a rigorously tested secure environment.
  • Quality: Bomgar users report complete satisfaction and zero performance issues while remote sessions, remote control from mobile and session recording.

Bomgar vs Teamviewer for Enterprises


Another significant advantage of using Bomgar is that it works on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS (iPad/iPhone) or Android support without extra costs. Besides that, it supports the development of large and small companies and organizations as it increases user satisfaction, minimizes costs and improves time of resolution.



If we compare Bomgar vs Teamviewer it seems obvious why more than 10,000 companies in more than 80 countries all over the world have trusted Bomgar as their number one solution company for secure access and remote support. Do you want to be part of the winning team? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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